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Penn Yan Academy in New York’s picturesque Finger Lakes region provides an intellectually stimulating learning environment for students in grades 9 - 12. However, while the teachers, students and staff created a vibrant atmosphere inside, the actual building was woefully outdated and not conducive to a modern learning environment.

Completed in 2010, the new additions and renovations at the Penn Yan, NY-based academy have transformed this 1960s era building into a modern 21st century, functional facility for students and staff. The addition portion of the project includes a new wing with a media center, science rooms, classrooms and a gym. And the entire exterior of the building underwent a complete makeover, integrating CENTRIA products in rich blues and cool, elegant grays along with a variety of other cladding products to achieve a fresh, colorful, modern look.

CENTRIA’s Formawall Graphix Series, Formawall Dimension Series, Profile Series Concept Series, Profile Series IW Series and integrated louvers were selected for the Penn Yan Academy project because of their outstanding performance features, as well as their superior benefits in terms of sustainability and ability to create a unique, seamless exterior.

Formawall Graphix Series can be installed in panel lengths of up to 20’ that give the appearance of 12 smaller panels. This unique segmented construction makes it easy and economical to achieve a distinctive aesthetic in less time. In addition, the lightweight nature of metal means contractors can make fewer trips while affixing the materials to the building, leading to faster installation and lower costs. On this project, Formawall Graphix Series was used in a vertical installation that incorporated Formawall Dimension Series panels along with integral louvers for a truly modern look. Both Formawall Graphix and Dimension Series are single component wall systems that provide advanced thermal efficiency and moisture control. The systems’ abilities to integrate not only with each other, but also with accessories, like the louvers, provided designers with a variety of design options.

In addition, Profile Series Concept and IW Series provided a cost-effective way of creating a clean, seamless appearance, along with interesting visual effects. The all-weather installation capability of all of the CENTRIA panels used made them an asset to the contractors by enabling them to keep projects on schedule and at budget regardless of any harsh weather. And because one of the project’s goals was a more sustainable building, Formawall Graphix and Dimension Series, Profile Series Concept and IW Series were chosen as all are Cradle to CradleCM Certified at the Silver Level.

Finally, CENTRIA products, and their wide range of options from which to choose - including orientation, texture, finish and color choices - provided the design team with unlimited possibilities in terms of aesthetics. Working in concert with each other as well as other exterior cladding materials, including brick and stone, Formawall Graphix and Dimension Series, Profile Series Concept and IW Series made it possible for the architects to create a sleek, modern exterior that is reflective of the cutting edge learning environment inside.

The project architect was King & King Architects, LLP of Syracuse, NY. The CENTRIA products dealer was Arrow Sheet Metal Works, Inc. of Buffalo, NY. The CENTRIA products installer was Capital Sheeting Inc. of Eden, NY. The contractor was Spoleta Construction of Rochester, NY. The 290,000 sq. ft. project was completed in August 2010.

**Note: First four photos show the project after construction. The bottom photo shows the project before the additions and renovations.

CENTRIA Products used on the Penn Yan Academy project included:

  • Profile Series Concept Series® with MicroSeam® Corners. Square Feet: 10,059; Color: Silver Gray; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Sundance AM; Gauge: 20.

  • Formawall® Dimension Series® Vertical. Square Feet: 7,667; Color: Silver Gray, Deep Blue Sea; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Sundance AM, Fluorofinish; Gauge: 20/22.

  • Formawall® Graphix Series® Vertical. Square Feet: 5,599; Color: Silver Gray; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Sundance AM; Gauge: 20/22.

  • Profile Series IW Series IW-10A Vertical. Square Feet: 3,029; Color: Deep Blue Sea; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Fluorofinish; Gauge: 20.

  • Formawall® Dimension Series® Horizontal. Square Feet: 1,556; Color: Silver Gray; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Sundance AM; Gauge: 20/26.

  • Integrated Louvers.


CENTRIA supplies a variety of architetural metal wall and roof systems. For more information, visit CENTRIA.com.

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