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Few Quad - Duke University

Ornametals Manufacturing, LLC

Buildings at prestigious universities often take on iconic status, as many provide literally 100-plus years of service to make them key focal points that define the campus. Such is the case with Duke University in Durham, NC, known worldwide for its excellence in academics and athletics.

When it came time to restore the copper leaderheads on Few Quad at Duke, it’s certain that the selection of replacement materials was not taken lightly. Ornametals Manufacturing, LLC stepped in to provide exactly what was needed for this historic restoration, in the form of copper leaderheads that matched the existing ones. The new rainware accessories were created by Ornametals’ craftsmen using 24 oz. - 32 oz. copper.

Few Quad is named after William Preston Few, President of Duke University from 1924 - 1940. The residence hall is home to over 400 sophomore, junior and senior students on Duke’s West Campus.

The restoration took place in 2009 at a cost of approximately $379,000. The general contractor and installing contractor was Baker Roofing of North Carolina, located in Raleigh, NC.

About Ornametals

Ornametals_logoOrnametals manufactures rainwater products. For more information, visit www.ornametals.com.

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