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Heavy duty stainless steel snow guards and stainless steel roofing are featured on this home in Kaufbeuren, Bayern, Germany. The metal products are the work of Copper Exclusive's Erno Ovari, veteran European craftsman.

Ovari used 0.4mm non ferrous Uginox tin-coated stainless steel for the roofing, along with Copper Exclusive stainless steel snow guards with stainless steel pipe to protect the drip edge from the huge volume of snow that often lasts into the summer in this resort town situated in the Alps. Custom metal work was also done on the chimneys to protect them in harsh winter conditions.

Copper Exclusive, who handles contracting work in the United States, is also a supplier of quality European-crafted roofing supplies.

Erno Ovari's career in metal craft dates back to 1985, with experience in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland as well as 11 years of intensive education in this trade. He has achieved the degree of “Meisterbrief”, the highest contractor certification in Europe.

About Copper Exclusive

Copper_Exclusive_logoCopper Exclusive offers snow guards, ornamentals and related products. For more information, visit www.copperexclusive.com.

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