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The Effect Of The Sustainable Building Movement On The Metal Coatings Industry

By Beckers Group

beckers-sustainability-chartThe green building movement has witnessed an overall shift in architecture in which locally sourced and responsibly manufactured building products are used. Today, the green building movement is focused on resource conservation and reducing the amount of toxic substances that are commonly found in building materials in hopes of creating healthier, more efficient building environments.

Through the years, the coatings industry has experienced the presence of the movement, and gradually shifted its focus to sustainable alternatives for coatings technologies. From concept through a building’s potentially long life cycle, sustainable projects utilize products and techniques that will have minimal impact on the environment.

A coating’s environmental footprint is primarily determined by several factors: the formulation of the coating, raw material extraction, application, and disposal. Because these factors involve more than one stage of a coating’s life, it is imperative that manufacturers, suppliers, and applicators work together to help minimize the environmental impact caused by the coatings industry.

beckers-advice-house-sustainabilitySustainable coatings offer a plethora of benefits. Eco-friendly coatings are often comprised of materials that are salvaged, renewable, or recycled. They help conserve natural resources, and eliminate VOCs that are emitted into the atmosphere. Coatings are also held in sustainable packaging and are produced through methods that efficiently use energy.

One of the more critical characteristics of a sustainable coating is the ability to endure environmental deterrents such as UV radiation, air moisture, and salt. Coatings that lack a good quality resin can chalk, fade, and peel in the face of exposure, which would require frequent reapplications. With the constant reapplications, the lifecycle costs of poor-quality coatings grow to become rather expensive and also negatively impact the industry’s environmental footprint. A sustainable coating, on the other hand, will be able to withstand the pressures of environmental exposure for an extended period of time, therefore eliminating the need for reapplications.

Beckers has grown to become a world specialist in sustainable coatings, having received the Paint Supplier Innovation 2015 Award for Sustainability. Founded over 150 years ago, Beckers continues to make leaps and strides in the coatings industry and recognizes a responsibility to dedicate its efforts to develop more sustainable coatings that will further encourage environmental conscientiousness in the industry.

About Beckers Group, Becker Specialty Corporation

Beckers is a leading worldwide supplier of coil coatings, with an international organization that ensures global coordination and consistent product standards. Beckers is flexible and innovative, and works in close cooperation with its customers.

Beckers coil coating products are in use at applicators all over the world. The increasing global expansion of Beckers’ state-of-the-art factories and laboratories ensures attentive support for the needs of local markets, while offering a comprehensive portfolio of products to suit all your requirements.

For a complete list of product ranges offered, contact Beckers at 847-766-3555, or by email at info-beckerspecialty@beckers-group.com. For more information, visit www.beckers-group.com.

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