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CondenStop Controls Condensation At Bio-Mass Fuel Storage Facility

The Port of Tyne Bio-Mass Fuel Storage Facility is shown during construction in the top three photos. Click images to enlarge.
The illustration above shows how CondenStop (right side) can address condensation concerns. Click image to enlarge.

The Port of Tyne Bio-Mass Fuel Storage Facility is a massive operation in Newcastle, United Kingdom. The storage shed of the power plant features 15,000 sq. meters (161,458 sq. ft.) of steel roofing, which posed concerns that condensation might form on the underside of the roof panels and damage bio-fuel pellets inside the structure. However, that concern was easily addressed by using LantorCondenStop fleece which was adhered to the underside of the panels.

AGB Steelproduct ltd of Glasgow, UK is a leading manufacturer of steel structure products. In partnership with their customer -Anston Roofing of Rotherham, UK - AGB chose LantorCondenStop as the solution for controlling condensation. The product distributor was DPS Rockpak of Dublin, Ireland.

CondenStop uses layered synthetic non-woven fleece with unique Thermoplastic Microspheres. The fibers are soaked and during the curing process they expand to create high-density fiber. The very large internal surface (up to 60 SF per SF of fleece) and the distribution of large and small pores create the critical characteristics for the effective prevention of sweating and dripping of metal roofs. When condensation occurs, the CondenStop fleece absorbs, stores and re-releases significant quantities of condensed moisture.

Brian Garvey, Managing Director of AGB Steel products, explained why the CondenStop fabric was chosen for the Port of Tyne project. “Seen the importance and size of this project, we decided to use LantorCondenStop AN on the backside of our panel, with a maximum moist absorption capacity of 1,500 grams per sq. meter,” Garvey said. “The goal of our principal was to control condensation, forming at the backside of the steel roof. Condensation was a concern as the bio-fuel pellets are easily damaged by wetting and needed to be kept dry at all times. After discussing the potential of condensation, ventilation and drying possibilities with the Product Manager of Lantor, we were convinced of the right product for the right application. Together with the 20 year warranty on the intrinsic product properties of CondenStop, we were able to supply our customer a top class roofing system.”

Marcel Konijn, Sales Manager Construction, Lantor/CondenStop, discussed the way CondenStop works. “Most of the time our product is used in open framed buildings,” he explained. “When you have a standing seam roof placed directly on underlayment there is no space between, so our product won’t work there. Ours is a breathable product that has a very open structure and a high absorption capacity. Many people think breathable means from one side through to the other. Ours is adhered directly to the steel so you don’t have moist air migrating through our fleece through the steel. It’s only one way breathable and needs a ventilated envelope with circulation. It works ideally with above sheathing ventilation when you have a ceiling with spray-on insulation and an open space or attic.”

Konijn continued, “With our product we are not trying to prevent condensation but to control it through the use of very highly absorbent fleece that is adhered to the interior side of the steel panels at the panel manufacturer’s site. CondenStop is delivered with an applied hot melt adhesive and a release foil protecting it. The foil is removed before roll forming and the steel is corrugated together with the fleece product. The final product can be used in new and retrofit projects. Components like ridge caps, interior gutters and other parts that are prone to cause condensation problems can be covered with CondenStop too. Applications where this product fits are self-storage, agriculture, or any steel buildings with large open spaces.”

About Lantor CondenStop Advanced®

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