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Roof Hugger Streamlines Estimating Process With AppliCad Software

Roof Hugger sub-purlin framing systems are shown above and below during reroof installations. Click images to enlarge.

It’s commonly known that contractors stick with a good thing when they find it. Contracting is a business that on its very best day can be difficult for the unprepared or disorganized. Business success depends on speed and accuracy which typically are diametrically opposed to one another.

Putting together an accurate job quote is critical to contractors and material suppliers alike, and the quote process begins with a precise material takeoff. The takeoff requires patience, understanding of what is to be furnished and a lot of uninterrupted time to calculate how many of each piece of material is required for the project.

Such is the everyday routine at Roof Hugger, Inc. – an industry-leading manufacturer/supplier of sub-purlins and other framing materials for the reroofing of existing steel roofs. Adding to the complexity of quotes prepared by Roof Hugger is the fact that every retrofit framing estimate is controlled by the new steel roof that will be installed on top of their metal-over-metal reroof framing. Depending on the panel being used, the framing for each zone in the roof can be different. This was slowing the estimating to a crawl for some projects plus creating several possibilities for errors. No software existed to assist with the estimating, so long hours and team estimating were often necessary.

That all changed after Roof Hugger’s owner and president, Dale Nelson, met AppliCad’s owner Ray Smith and his Head Programmer Leigh Menzel at the METALCON Convention & Exposition. Smith and Menzel demonstrated the impressive AppliCad software - showing its accuracy in drawing in 3-D, doing metal roof panel layout and cut lengths, scrap utilization, fastener and clip takeoffs, calculating gutters, trim and much more with total accuracy.

Dale Nelson

“Unfortunately for us however,” explained Roof Hugger’s Nelson, “the software was not designed specifically for our needs to do retrofit framing and so the story could have ended there except for the attitude and skill of Ray and Leigh. ’No problem’ they said ‘we can easily add the features you need.’ Sure, I thought. But it wasn’t long after that they showed me a prototype incorporating the framing features we needed.”

Nelson continued, “The modifications defined the roof zones and allow us to insert the needed materials in each zone the way we need them placed. It calculates the quantities of each item, the fasteners needed and in addition to all that, it creates a wonderful 3-D drawing showing each component, while providing a most impressive presentation drawing.

“We at Roof Hugger have found a good thing and plan to stick with it from now on. We also made a couple of great friends in Ray and Leigh who are always standing behind us when the inevitable complication arises.”

Nelson is so pleased with the AppliCad system that he recommends it to others. “Looking for a way to automate your takeoffs, proposals, and create cut drawings as well as presentation drawings? Check out AppliCad, we found a really good thing and think you will agree!”

About Roof Hugger

roof hugger logoSince 1991, Roof Hugger has grown to become the leader in metal-over-metal retrofit technologies with headquarters in the Tampa Florida area, fabrication facilities in four states and sales offices in Dallas Texas.

Today, Roof Hugger products have been, and continue to be, tested in accordance with the most rigid industry standards. This simple reroofing method offers new code compliance, simple upgrades to standing seam roofs, energy savings and an easy way to use the new metal roof as a cash generating platform by adding solar thermal hot water and photovoltaic electric systems, allowing the building owner to turn a reroofing “expense” into an “investment”.

Roof Hugger, Inc. has now “hugged” nearly 60 million square feet of new metal roofs installed throughout the United States, five foreign countries and elsewhere offshore. The company’s client list includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, state and private schools, Departments of Transportation, utility companies, car dealers, mini storage facilities, airports and more. For more information, call (800) 771-1711, email sales@roofhugger.com or visit www.roofhugger.com.

About AppliCad

AppliCad USA Inc. is a specialty CAD applications software development company focused on the needs of the roofing, cladding and solar industries. To learn more,visit  www.applicad-usa.com.

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