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Englert Metal Roofing Plays Well On 'Golden Pond'

The 3,000 square foot home of Carl and Sally Beck of C.O. Beck & Sons Roofing in Waterville, Maine is shown above and below. The house is topped with Englert Series 1300 standing seam roofing with a Rich Brown paint finish. Click images to enlarge.

Some Of Areas Most Beautiful Homes Topped With Englert Metal Roofing By C.O. Beck & Sons

C.O. Beck and Sons has been installing quality and attractive roof systems throughout Maine and Northern New England since 1920. As a fourth  generation, family-owned and operated business, Beck understands the importance of long lasting roofs and the  experience and craftsmanship that ensures sound and aesthetically pleasing metal roofs.

Some of Beck’s finest and most enduring work hugs the shoreline of Great Pond, an annual summertime destination for the writers E.B. White and Ernest Thompson. Thompson’s  sojourns at Great Pond inspired his 1979 play On Golden Pond, which was made into the Academy Award–winning 1981 movie, On Golden Pond, starring the late Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn.

Located just one hour north of Portland, one hour south of Bangor, three hours north of Boston and twenty minutes or less from the capital city of Augusta, Great Pond is easily accessible and one of the summertime playgrounds for wealthy New Englanders looking for anonymity and solitude.

Many of these vacation homeowners have the means to get the best of anything that money can buy, choosing metal roofing because it represents the top of the line in roofing types. The architectural styles of the homes on Great Pond are diverse and the metal roofing on these homes has the singular distinction of being stylistically compatible with virtually any style of home – for traditional to contemporary and everything in between. They have also proven to be a durable, cost effective solution to their owners. The roofs on the six homes highlighted along the pond’s shoreline range in age from 10 to 21 years and are in excellent functional and aesthetic condition.

Th 5,000 sq. ft. home of a retired physician, shown above and below, is topped with Patina Green Englert Series 1300 panels. Click images to enlarge.

Doctors’ home

This is the home of an area pediatrician and her retired neurosurgeon husband. The home faces onto Great Pond, just yards away. The 5,000 square foot house was built on the grounds of a former summer camp and features a soaring two-story great room, kitchen and dining area, a den with a panoramic view of the lake, four bedrooms and a second-floor “tower” office for the pediatrician.

More than 8,000 square feet of Englert Series 1300 standing seam metal roof were used for the main house and adjacent garage. The color of the 24 gauge, 20 inch wide standing seam panel is Patina Green. The primary challenge during installation was the severe 16/12 pitch of the roof and the installation of metal around the dormers on the side of the house facing the lakefront. David Barker of Farmingdale, Maine was the general contractor. Installed more than 20 years ago, the color and finish of this 1 ½-inch mechanically seamed roof remains as fresh as the day it was installed, despite the region's harsh, cold winters.

Shown above is another Rich Brown Englert Series 1300 metal roof. This one tops the home of a financial planner whose family has owned property on Great Pond for nearly four decades. Click image to enlarge.
Built on the site of a former boys camp, the house shown above and below offers 6,500 sq. ft. of living space and is topped with Englert Series 1300 metal roof panels in a Charcoal Gray color. Click images to enlarge.
One family's vacation spot on Great Pond includes a cluster of homes ranging from 50 years old to brand new. The 8,500 sq. ft. main house, shown above, as well as all others on the property, like the one below, are topped with Forest Green Englert Series 1300 roof panels. Click images to enlarge.

Financial Planner's Home

The 5,500 square foot contemporary home was built in 1993 by a financial planner whose family has owned several acres of waterfront property for nearly 40 years. Like most of the waterfront properties on Great Pond, the home has its own dock for boating and swimming. The owners currently split their time between the Great Pond house and a home in Florida. The Maine house features a 4,000 square foot Englert Series 1300 standing seam roof. The color of the 24-gauge, 20-inch wide panel is Rich Brown. Architect and builder was David Mayberry of Oakland, Maine.

“Summer Camp” House

This 6,500 square foot contemporary home features 675 feet of owned lake frontage contiguous with 250 feet of sandy beach. A log cabin, a legacy of a former boy's camp complete with counselors’ signatures on the interior walls, provides a separate guest residence. Every living and sleeping room enjoys a view of Great Pond. The five bed room, three bath home also has a formal dining room, sunny breakfast nook, screened porch, and expansive deck.  Built in 1991, it features a 6,000 square foot Englert Series 1300 standing seam metal roof. Color of its 24-gauge, 20-inch wide panels is Charcoal Gray. The architect was Wendy Stanley of Portland, Maine. Contractor was Ben Sechrist of Manchester, Maine.

Family Compound

A cluster of summer homes and cottages ranging in age from nearly 50 years to May of 2012 comprise this family vacation compound on Great Pond.

Centerpiece of the property is an 8,500 square foot structure known as the “Main Camp.” This building and all of the buildings on this waterfront property feature Englert Series 1300 standing seam roofs in Forest Green. The main house features 7,600 square feet of 24-gauge, 20-inch wide panel. General contractor was the Warren Construction Group of South Freeport,  Maine.

Just yards away is another structure simply called “The Cottage.”  This 5,000 square foot house replaced a large old boathouse literally over the water that could no longer satisfy the family’s needs. Quiet on the outside, with color scheme dictated by the family compound covenant, the house blends nicely with extensive hardscape and plantings. Roofing requirements were relatively complex with a cupola, large and small dormers, an overhang, balcony and a shed-like extension on the back. All of it created some fairly complex custom metal roof cutting and installation requirements. Like the main house, “The Cottage” features 3,500 square feet of Englert Series 1300, 24-gauge, 20-inch wide panel. Architects were Carol Morrisette and Steve Blatt of Portland, Maine. General contractor was the Warren Construction Group in South Freeport.

Roofing Contractor’s Home

This is the 3,000 square foot home of Carl and Sally Beck of C.O. Beck & Sons Roofing in Waterville, Maine. Carl Beck represents the third generation in a four-generation business noted for excellence and innovation in metal roofing craftsmanship. The house features a 4,500 square foot Englert Series 1300 standing seam roof. The color of the 24 gauge, 20 inch wide panel is Rich Brown. Architect was John Morris of Camden, Maine. Contractor was Linwood Dobie of Sugarloaf, Maine.

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