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ALPOLIC Is ACM Of Choice For Hyundai Global Sign Program

Initiative's Preferred Look Calls For Elements To Be Fabricated From Custom-Colored ALPOLIC Material

Shown above is one of the newly rebranded Hyundai dealerships. Photo © James Bell. Click image to enlarge.
Above, an AGI fabricator welds framing components for a new sign. Photo ® Mark Rhodes. Click image to enlarge.
Alpolic ACM in custom blue and silver colors is AGI's product of choice for the Hyundai signs. Photo ® Mark Rhodes. Click image to enlarge.
Above and below, the new Hyundai pylon signs are fabricated at AGI's shop in Virginia Beach and then shipped to dealerships all across the country for installation. Photo ® Mark Rhodes. Click image to enlarge.

Founded in 1967 in Seoul, South Korea, Hyundai Motor Group is currently the world’s fourth largest automobile manufacturer, with approximately 6,000 dealerships in 190 countries. The company’s U.S. locations are in the midst of being re-branded with new aluminum composite material (ACM) signage, in accordance with guidelines established as part of Hyundai’s Global Sign Program. It’s a five-year initiative that will involve 851 dealerships. The contract to fabricate the required ACM panels was awarded to Architectural Graphics Incorporated (AGI) of Virginia Beach, VA. The ACM being used exclusively by AGI for the project is ALPOLIC ACM from Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America.

An erected Hyundai pylon sign. Photo © Mark Rhodes. Click image to enlarge.

Not all dealerships will be the same, but the signage elements will all use 4mm-thick ALPOLIC material in colors Hyundai Program Blue and Hyundai Program Silver. The material is produced at the Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America manufacturing facility in Chesapeake, VA. The elements to be produced include 60 ft.-tall high-rise signs, pylon signs, fascia, freestanding gateways, and 20’x20’ cubes featured above each dealership’s main entrance. For the facilities already re-imaged, AGI fabricated pylon signs at its shop and then shipped them to the individual dealer locations for installation.

In addition to ALPOLIC’s capability of producing both a custom blue and silver finishes specifically for Hyundai, fabricators at AGI praised ALPOLIC for its appearance, performance, cost, and their “successful past experience with the product.”

About Mitsubishi Chemical America  - ALPOLIC Division

ALPOLIC Meet the SupplierALPOLIC® Metal Composite Materials (MCM) have been manufactured since 1991 at Mitsubishi Chemical America’s Chesapeake, VA location. Part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s vast array of products and services, ALPOLIC® MCM is among the most versatile and useful architectural materials available, and the company's manufacturing, distribution and support capabilities extend worldwide. ALPOLIC® offers the rigidity of heavy-gauge architectural metals in a lightweight composite material, with a standard polyethylene or fire-resistant core available in an unmatched selection of colors and finishes. For more information about ALPOLIC® visit or call 800-422-7270.

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