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Reynobond® Face Fastened Solution: Modern. Durable. Affordable.

Alcoa Architectural Products' Face Fastened Solution was exclusively designed for a whole range of 4 mm Reynobond ACM polyethylene (PE) core panels--from Natural Metals and Anodized to traditional Reynobond. Click image above and diagram below right to enlarge.

By George Rosado
Commercial Director, Alcoa Architectural Products

Our latest installation innovation is a perfect combination of durability, flexibility, simplicity and affordability that will inspire endless design possibilities. The first global exposed fastener system for aluminum composite material (ACM) to be introduced in the U.S., the Reynobond® Face Fastened Solution features small visible fastener heads that attach ACM panels to a single-extrusion rainscreen system to create a modern façade with no caulk joints—eliminating the need for traditional rout-and-return wet or dry extrusion systems.

Reynobond Face Fastened Solution has been exclusively designed for the whole range of 4 mm Reynobond ACM polyethylene (PE) core panels—from Natural Metals and Anodized to traditional Reynobond—and is available, with matching fastener screw heads, in all paint finishes offered by Alcoa Architectural Products (AAP), including the 39 nature-inspired Design Line finishes.



Our Face Fastened Solution blends the continental appeal of a global exposed fastening system with all the benefits you’ve come to expect from Reynobond composite materials. And because Reynobond coil-coated materials are impervious to extreme temperatures and humidity, there are no warrantable geographic limitations on where this installation system can be used.

The exposed fasteners are an integral part of the aesthetic, featuring a larger finishing cap on top of the color-matched fastener that gives the illusion of a larger screw. On a finished wall, the screw heads form patterns and add texture within the plane of the wall, allowing for endless design possibilities.

The simplicity of the Face Fastened Solution system is part of its beauty. Minimal fabrication is required as the panels are installed flat. Panels can be ordered to the exact height and length needed while corner and angled panels can be easily fabricated using the same methods as done with rout-and-return wet or dry extrusion systems.

Above and below, the River Region Health Center in Montgomery, AL, featuring face fastened Reyonbond ACM panels with a Mahogany Brown wood grain Design Line paint finish. Click images to enlarge. 

Reynobond composite materials work well in this installation solution because of their high strength-to-weight ratio and extreme flatness. The Face Fastened Solution system can accommodate panels in unlimited lengths and in a variety of widths, and is further enhanced by AAP’s coil-coated paint finishes, which seal and protect the panels from corrosion and rust. Panels finished with Colorweld® 500 coil-coated paint finishes have a 30-year warranty on the finish. And, the provided fasteners are engineered to withstand environmental challenges.

Face Fastened Solution’s single-extrusion installation system is also ideal for retrofit projects, since it can be attached to an existing façade and panels can be changed out individually, if needed.


The Reynobond Face Fastened Solution system generates a smaller carbon footprint than traditional rainscreen installation systems. By ordering panels to size and shipping them directly to the jobsite, energy and cost savings are accrued from reduced transportation needs and by the elimination of additional fabrication processes.

Reynobond ACM is 100 percent recyclable and can help earn certification points in version 3 of the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™) Green Building Rating System™. The most likely categories include Material and Resources (MR) Credit 4–Recycled Content and MR Credit 5–Regional Materials.

For additional environmental benefits, EcoClean™ can be added to 39 of AAP’s Reynobond paint finishes and is applicable for the Face Fastened Solution system. Thanks to an advanced titanium dioxide coating, Reynobond with EcoClean™ panels react with nitrogen oxide, the primary component of smog, breaking it down into harmless nitrates. This advanced coating is moisture-activated, only requiring a light rain or morning dew to wash off grime, keeping your building cleaner and helping to remove pollutants from the air.

Click diagrams and charts above to enlarge


The Reynobond Face Fastened Solution is a simple, single-extrusion rainscreen system that is intended for use only with 4 mm Reynobond ACM PE core panels that will be screwed to the 254 Omega aluminum profile. All installation materials, including the panels, extrusions, screw heads and specialized centering screw tool, are provided by AAP.

The fasteners must be installed in designated intervals of <=20 inches and 1.5" from the end. Fastener intervals will depend upon the design load, panel support and panel layout. 

Necessary Tools:
• Centering Tool 3/16" (PN 11670)
• Electric Drill
• T20W Torx Bit (PN 11671)
• 5/32" Bit
• 9/32" Bit
• Suction Pad Tool

System Components:
• 254 Omega Profile
• Fastener 498*
• 1" x 1" x 1/8" Aluminum Angle (Corner Brace)

*Fasteners are sold in 250-count boxes; extrusions are sold in 15-count bundles.

To Install:
1. Predrill panels.
2. Place the centering tool into the expansion hole. If the centering tool isn’t held horizontally, the screw head will not lean properly on the panel.
3. Insert the screw into the centering tool. The centering tool is essential to a successful installation. If no centering tool is used at the expansion points, the screw will not be centered and there will be no allowance for expansion.
4. Hold the drill horizontally.
5. Screw to initiate the drilling without going through the profile. Use only the screws supplied by AAP for the installation. If another type of screw is substituted, the installation will not conform to technical approval and there will be no expansion allowance.
6. Remove the centering tool. If it isn’t removed, the screw will be stripped and will not hold.
7. Screw until free rotation of the screw.

To Remove:
1. Pull on the panel with the suction pad.
2. Unscrew the screw.

The Reynobond Face Fastened Solution would make an invaluable addition to any design portfolio. The system is beautiful in its simplicity and affordability, all while providing the quality and performance you have come to expect from Reynobond.

For additional technical details contact Thomas Rogers at thomas.rogers@alcoa.com or call 800-841-7774.

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