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Roll Former Allows Manufacturer To Offer Improved Door Framing System

Custom roll forming machinery from Samco is expected to improve Premier Products' operations. Click images to enlarge



If you’re not working on a way to keep ahead of or at least keep up with the competition, you’re falling behind.

Premier Products Inc. of Monroe, La., manufactures commercial hollow metal steel doors and frames, as well as a complete line of building doors, frames and aluminum windows for metal building applications. Company president Joey Meggs was in the market to offer his customers a new door frame – a kerf frame profile with a groove for weather stripping. This groove would simplify the application of weather stripping, saving his customers valuable time in the field and provide improved aesthetics for the entire opening.

“This wasn’t an idea new to the industry, but it was new to us,” Meggs explained. “We initially worked with another company, but they were unable to deliver a roll former that met our expectations.”

So he went back to the drawing board. Premier required a one-of-a-kind, customized machine – and it had to be durable and dependable. Meggs investigated four or five different roll former manufacturers to find the solution.

“There were a number of people we got quotes from,” he said. “From the first consult, from the first conversations, we felt most comfortable with Samco Machinery. We liked their presentation. They came to us with a solution and a timeline that met our needs. Samco really took the time to come up with a solution that worked in our manufacturing environment and met the requirements we were looking for.”

Meggs said Samco provided “a plethora of engineering expertise” to design a roll forming machine that would fit the parts being produced by Premier and maintain the tolerances required for door framing headers and jambs in varying widths and heights.

“One of Samco’s strengths is the horsepower of its engineering team,” said Daniel Auger of Samco Machinery. “Customers come to us for our FEA analysis and the fact we have more than 40 years of experience in the roll forming industry.”

Samco Machinery produces roll forming equipment for a number of industries, including building and construction, transportation, storage, consumer products and energy. Auger said the engineering team at Samco can help manufacture a roll former “regardless of what kind of widget you’re making.”

With experience producing machines that manufacture passage and garage doors as well as framing for them, Samco was able to build a machine to help Premier Products offer a new door frame to its customers.

“We went up to Toronto and ran sample parts up there to make sure the unit was working properly and we tested again upon delivery and installation to make sure it was still doing what it was supposed to do after it was transported here,” Meggs noted. “Samco was very hospitable at their facility and provided tremendous onsite support at our place. We are very pleased thus far and we believe our operators will have a hard time keeping up with how fast this machine really is.”

About Samco Machinery Ltd.

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