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A Secret No Longer - Insulated Roof And Wall Panels Are Going Public

Shown above and below, Rocketship Nashville Elementary School in Nashville, TN. The project features various styles, textures and colors of insulated metal wall panels from Kingspan. Click images to enlarge.  

As the world becomes more and more eco-conscious, thoughts come to focus on a building’s ability to save energy, water, building materials, and money. The idea points to LEED certification, a stamp of approval that tells everyone that you, as a building owner, have considered all the above mentioned factors and you are one of the good guys of the world. A noble move, right? It is, but it’s much more than a righteous pat on the back. From this movement you get a lifetime of returns including lower energy bills, tax rebates, and possibly higher property values. Having said that, we are now starting to see an influx of public buildings built with the help of LEED-eligible insulated metal roof and wall panels.

Single-component. Lots of Savings.

Insulated metal roof and wall panels are two big components that can help a building on its path to LEED certification. These single-component systems are built offsite, then brought in ready for installation. This process ultimately can generate faster build times, prevent multi-trade delays, and reduce labor costs. Vertical and horizontal wall applications are easily integrated with traditional construction methods and building systems. The implementation of insulated metal roof and wall panels are an efficient upgrade for any retrofit or new construction projects.

Insulated metal panels are an ideal choice for renovations and improvements to existing building. Above and below, IMPs from Kingspan were used on the Hillsborough County Courthouse in New Hampshire, helping bring the renovation project in significantly under budget. Click images to enlarge.

Tomorrow’s Future. Today.

LEED certification and the talk of insulated metal roof and wall panels feel like something out of the future.  Truth be told, it’s here now and already implemented in public buildings all over the world. A case in point is the California-based Rocketship Elementary. The new educational facility needed to be completed under a tight deadline, while also being energy-efficient and featuring an eye-catching exterior. Project manager and estimator James Leverette said the company “added wall panels to our repertoire seven years ago. The lead time is shorter and they are easier to work with.” By doing so, they were able to create the desired eye-catching and energy-efficient design together and was completed on time. The insulated metal panels (IMPs) were chosen not just for their energy-efficiency, but for the aesthetic appeal that was delivered as well.

From a schoolyard to a courthouse, the Hillsborough County Superior Court in New Hampshire needed to retrofit the building to improve energy efficiency. This helped bring the building up to current civic design standards, and use the existing granite facade. Once again, IMPs were there to save the day as they not only provided insulation and energy-efficiency, but they also helped the project come in $3 million under budget! The project went on to win an AIA award for Excellence in Architecture and is on the path towards LEED silver certification.

At the Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC, the university needed a new dorm that would revitalize its surroundings. Officials got precisely that, thanks to the architect's utilization of various styles and colors of insulated metal wall panels from Kingspan. Click the top image to enlarge.   

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) needed a new dorm to keep up with its increasing enrollment. But yet, in the process they also wanted something fresh and new that would revitalize the area, including adding retail space with the hopes the area would come alive as a location in demand. The 124,000-square-foot mixed-use facility, known as the Mosaic Village, used IMPs to help create a unique design that helped live up to the name. Jim Mathews, President of Preformed Systems, Inc., explained why they chose to go with IMPs for the project. “Not only in the obvious benefits such as higher insulation values vs. initial cost, but in design flexibility and ease of installation that allows for quicker building enclosure.” Matthews has used IMPs for years, and with great success stories like the now vibrant Mosaic Village complete, it’s probably safe to say he will for years to come.

Your Limits. Your Imagination.

As the benefits of insulated metal roof and wall panels continue to trump those of traditional, built-up systems, we will continue to see more and more public buildings designed with savings and efficiency in mind. The build speed, cost of build, energy-efficiency, and aesthetic appeal are just too good to pass up. And with the true flexibility of design, you can take any public building from project to completion with a wow factor that pays for itself. Schools, courthouses, restaurants, banks…there is no project that cannot be completed. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Kingspan Insulated Panels manufactures an array of IMPs for commercial, industrial, and cold storage applications. Visit Kingspan Panels for more information.

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