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Swenson Shear's SnapTable Takes Metal Roofing Contractors To New Levels

Swenson Shear's SnapTable HD (shown above) and SnapTable PRO models have proven to be a great asset for metal roofers on projects like the ones shown below.

For decades, tools from Swenson Shear have been used by metal roofing contractors to improve the quality of their workmanship, while saving time and labor costs. Today's metal roofers are finding that Swenson Shear's SnapTable tools can take their businesses and projects to new levels. Outstanding examples are projects completed recently by four contractors throughout the U.S.

An All-In-One Tool

The SnapTable HD is an all-in-one tool fully equipped to notch, shear and hem snap lock and standing seam panel profiles. SnapTable HD features an adjustable table width that can accommodate panels between 12" and 20”, a notching station equipped with a slope-calibrated ruler that allows for 29” notching offset and a slitter that cuts a 33” maximum angle length slit. The hemmer allows craftsmen to make a 33” maximum angle length hem with a single pull of the handle.

SnapTable HD now features a degree indicator on both the slitter and hemmer, allowing workers to find an angle faster. The SnapTable HD is risk-free, time-efficient and reliable. Highly transportable, the SnapTable HD weighs 750 lbs. and features built-in adjustable jacks, making it easy to level the tool on any jobsite.

The all new SnapTable PRO adjusts to accommodate panels between 12” and 24” and is equipped to notch, slit, and hem up to 60” offsets for hip-valley roofing cuts. It is the newest addition to the collection; added to increase the capability to slit and hem up to 60” for any commercial, industrial, or residential jobsite. The Snap Table PRO is an all-in-one panel preparation system for standing seam metal roofing, offering the highest quality in notching, slitting, and hemming.

SnapTable can be used with light to 20-gauge metal, including a wide range of panel profiles and material thicknesses. Trailer options for SnapTable are also available.

Prime Roofing completed the roof on this home in Jacksonville, FL, with the help of SnapTable HD.

Prime Roofing's Experience With SnapTable

As the accompanying photos illustrate, this Jacksonville, FL home's roof has numerous hips and valleys that would have required a tremendous amount of labor if the panels had been prepped with conventional metalworking hand tools. By using SnapTable HD, Prime Roofing's labor was dramatically reduced while the high quality of workmanship was consistent.

Mark Young is President of Prime Roofing, a Jacksonville Beach, FL-based company that specializes in residential roof services. He explained that Swenson Shear's SnapTable HD fits in perfectly with his company's goal of expanding the metal roofing portion of its business.

"At Prime Roofing, we are always looking for ways to increase the quality of our work and become more efficient while doing that," Young said. "One of our main goals of 2015 was to increase the amount of metal work our company would engage in and to become better versed with the installation of metal roofing, namely standing seam (or hidden fastener). I had done plenty of simple gable type roofs but knew there was a gap in our ability to properly install more complicated roofs.

"I began brainstorming ways I could build a piece of equipment that could help us better prepare panels for installation but quickly became aware of the difficulty in doing so. I decided to do some research to see if there was a company out there that had already built what I was needing. I came across Swenson Shear and found the SnapTable. I couldn’t believe this thing actually existed as it was exactly what I was hoping to find. After checking out the videos of its operation online and doing a little research, I decided to purchase one for my company. I had high expectations for the SnapTable and was eager to start using it."

Young is very impressed with how well SnapTable performs.

"The SnapTable will address all the issues that contractors commonly face when prepping a metal roof panel for installation," he said. "In my experience, many contractors have difficulty properly hemming panels and keeping them straight (especially in the valleys). In addition, prepping the panels by hand is time consuming and difficult. The SnapTable allows you to clip the ribs, slit the panel, and hem the edge much, much quicker and more accurately than traditional methods."

Young continued, "The difference in using the SnapTable for metal roofing over traditional methods is like traveling with a car instead of a horse. The two methods aren't even in the same category. On a recent project we completed, over 300 panels were needed and almost every one required either a hip cut or valley cut or both. Not to mention, the panels were 24-gauge steel. The idea of hand cutting and hemming all those panels is mind numbing. The SnapTable allowed us to prep our panels faster and more accurately than would be possible without it.

"Watch the videos online, crunch your numbers - this table works exactly like you think it will, probably better. The table is built very well and is incredibly strong. The notchers will spit out a 1.5’’, 24 gauge rib like it's nothing. On a recent 9,800 sq. ft. job we completed, I am confident that we covered more than half the cost of our SnapTable with savings in labor alone."

There's little doubt that Young would recommend SnapTable to other contractors. "Bottom line is that purchasing a SnapTable will allow your company to do higher quality work and do it faster than you ever thought possible," he said. "It is a must-have for any contractor serious about installing high quality metal roofing and will give you the edge you need to separate yourself from the pack.”

Residential Roofing LLC installed the roof on this house, with the aid of SnapTable.

Residential Roofing LLC

“The SnapTable increased our valley production three fold," said Zack Kilwein of Residential Roofing LLC. The Billings, MT roofer finished the accompanying home with its attractive blue roof in March 2016, using Swenson's SnapTable. The home was built in the early 2000s, and this was a reroof necessitated by hail damage.

Residential Roofing LLC was subcontracted on this project by Vannoy Metal Works, also located in Billings, MT. In addition to flat stock, Sheffield Metals International supplied 24-gauge steel coil material with a Regal Blue finish, which was formed into 16"-wide panels on the jobsite by Residential Roofing LLC using a New Tech Multi Pro Jr. rollformer. Trim was fabricated by Vannoy Metal Works in their shop; some parts were fabricated on the jobsite.

"It was nice to have a perfect valley bend that was longer than our 24" folding tools and not having to use our wuku benders,” Kilwein added.

SnapTable was used by Tricounty Enterprises to complete this roof.

Tricounty Enterprises

Tricounty Enterprises of Cedar Rapids, IA, used Swenson's SnapTable HD to complete the metal roof for a log home project in Iowa City, IA (shown in the accompanying photo). The project called for 3,200 sq. ft. of New Tech FF100 snaplock profile panels formed from 26-gauge galvanized steel in a Brownstone color.

Town And Country Roofing & Solar used Swenson's SnapTable when installing this boat cover.

Town And Country Roofing & Solar

The Discovery Bay boat cover project, shown in the accompanying photo, was completed by Town And Country Roofing & Solar, with the help of Swenson's SnapTable. Jeff White, field superintendent, commented: "The SnapTable works great and saves a lot of time and effort.”

About Swenson Shear

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