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VentSaver From SnoBlox-SnoJax Is A Real Vent Saver

The Model FB-151 standard-duty VentSaver is designed for vent pipes 1.5" to 4" in diameter. Made from aircraft quality aluminum and featuring all stainless steel hardware, it is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The aluminum fin protects a standing profile of 6" and is powder coated black to blend with most vent pipes. The included installation kit includes 1.5" heavy-duty lag screws.
The VentSaver Model P-383 is designed for areas that are susceptible to heavy snow. Larger than its FB-151 counterpart, this model will fit a vent pipe or chimney from 1" to 14" in diameter. Made from aircraft quality aluminum and utilizing all stainless steel hardware, it is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The aluminum fin protects a standing profile of 9" and is powder coated gray. The kit includes 1.5" heavy duty lag screws. This product is also ideal for gas vents and masts.
For roofs subjected to heavy snow and severe conditions, SnoBlox-SnoJax recommends the VentSaver HD. Featuring the largest fin of any of the models, the VentSaver HD is fabricated from non-corrosive, powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel aircraft cable. Stainless steel nuts, bolts and heavy duty 1 1/2" lag screws are provided for fastening to the roof. The HD Series will fit up to 12/12 pitch and an infinite array of pipe sizes from 1" to 14" around. It can be used on vents, chimneys and stack pipes and protects a standing profile of approximately 14". Included is a snow diverter wing kit for panel valleys measuring 16" or wider. Utilization of the snow diverter wing kit requires a minimum of 16" of flat area between the major ribs, centered behind the pipe. Wing kit spacers are provided to straddle minor ribs, if present in the panel. The use of the wing kit is optional and is not required. 
All three VentSaver models can be mounted on standing seam roofs without penetrating the panels using SnoBlox-SnoJax's optional Standing Seam VentSaver mount plate kit. For roof systems with seams spaced 16" or less, the company offers the 12-16 kit. For wider panels—17 to 24"—the 12-24 kit is required. Each kit features an adjustable aluminum plates that allows for use with various seam spacings. This kit is simple to install with basic hand tools, made in the USA, and constructed of durable, non-corrosive components. Attachment is made using universal-fit RCT clamps. These clamps are compatible with over 500 standing seam profiles including t-seams, bulb seams, SnapLok, single lok, double lok, MR-24, etc. To ensure compatibility, check the company's Panel Matrix before ordering. Installation instructions are available here.

By Derek Gamble, SnoBlox-SnoJax

One of the most common types of damage caused by sliding snow and ice is bent and broken ventilation pipes. They typically have little protection from being crushed or sheared during a snow and ice slide. Pipe boots are often damaged and can result in roof leaks.

There are a few ways to protect vent pipes, chimney pipes, and masts from unnecessary damage. We usually recommend installing snow guards as well as vent protection as a means of damage prevention.

Snow guards are designed to hold snow and ice in place until it can safely melt off. They are typically installed in multiple rows, spaced evenly up the slope. In the event that a full snow guard system is not required, a pointed cutting guard can be used just above the vent pipes to reduce the chances of damage. This type of installation is commonly referred to as “Isolated Placement” and is not recommended for use with flat faced snow guards. The strategy of an isolated pattern, using a pointed snow guard system, is to spread the pattern in an arrow shape to break snow and ice into smaller pieces helping minimize vent pipe damage. The Snowbreaker from IceBlox, Inc. is a good example of this type of cutting guard. It can be installed 3 ways; glue, mechanical fasteners, or peel and stick.

Some customers choose to install devices known as crickets or saddles. These products are used to divert snow and ice around the upper side of a chimney or vent pipe. Crickets are typically made from metal and may even be covered in the same materials as the roof.

A newer method for combatting this problem comes in the form of the VentSaver product by SnoBlox-SnoJax (available for purchase at IceBlox, Inc.) They are available in three different sizes to accommodate different pipe sizes. These devices, often referred to as “cricket eliminators”, help prevent crushed vent pipes by splitting and diverting the snow while also adding support to the vent pipes, chimneys or masts. The fin design cuts through packed ice and snow, causing the snow slide to divert around the pipe, and to assist in shedding the snow and ice from the roof. Up until quite recently, these products were only for use with exposed fastener roofing. Now an adapter plate is also available for mounting on most standing seam roofs.

Late summer and early fall is the best time to plan and install snow retention systems while the weather is good and the roofs are clear. Installation options start to become limited once the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling. Call for more information.

Derek Gamble is a technician and SnoBar Specialist for SnoBlox-SnoJax. SnoBlox-SnoJax patented the industry's first polycarbonate snow guard in 1976 and has continued to develop premium quality snow guards ever since. Today, SnoBlox-SnoJax is the exclusive distributor for SnoBar/ColorBar clamp-on bar systems. Snolox-SnoJax's comprehensive line of snow guards, bar systems and paint finishes are backed by a standard lifetime warranty. Call 800-SNOJAX-1 or email, or visit SnoBlox-SnoJax on the web at

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SnoBlox Meet the SupplierSnoBlox-SnoJax manufactures snow guards and snow retention products for metal and other types of roofing systems. Other products include non-penetrating rooftop mounting clamps and vent stabilizers. To learn more, visit

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