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Firestone Building Products' Red Shield Warranty Offers Complete Protection For Metal Roofs

The popularity of metal roofing is attributable to its good looks and recognized longevity. When installed correctly, it requires little to no maintenance. But if problems should arise, it's important to have a strong warranty and a reputable manufacturer behind it. Shown above is the Boonville Warrick County Library in Boonville, IN, featuring a metal roof from Firestone Building Products.  

By Robert Thompson, Product Marketing Manager, Firestone Building Products

It’s no secret that a new metal roof is a big investment. Hard earned dollars are devoted to designing and constructing a commercial building with a roof that is not only durable and high-performing, but also stands the test of time. Of course, issues can arise over the lifetime of a metal roof, and relying on a warranty can come in handy in protecting that investment. However, not all warranties are created equal. Whether you’re an architect, a builder or a roofing contractor, it’s crucial to be knowledgeable on exactly what a warranty covers should challenges arise in the lifespan of your roofing projects.

What to Look for in a Metal Roofing Warranty

When shopping around for the right warranty, it’s important to compare and contrast protection regarding factors like materials covered and warranted repairs. Doing your research to find the perfect warranty for your commercial building projects may help keep you covered in the event of a metal roof issue. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when searching for the best warranty for your metal roof:

· No Dollar Limit (NDL): A NDL warranty has no dollar limit associated with warranted repairs. In other words, the manufacturer can completely repair the issue no matter the cost, even if that means completely re-roofing. The problem can be covered as long as it was caused by a defect in labor or roofing materials.

· Transferability: Some issuers allow their warranties to be transferred to another building owner. Transferring a roofing warranty could require a transfer fee as well as an inspection of the roof.

· Complete Roofing Assembly: While it may appear as though some manufacturers provide a complete system warranty, that may not always be the case. In fact, protection for materials and workmanship defects could just mean that they cover only panels and joints. In some instances, as long as one manufacturer’s products are used for the entire assembly, building owners may receive complete coverage.

· Specific Coverage: It’s important to determine exactly what a warranty covers. Some warranties exclusively cover materials backed by the manufacturer, while others cover both labor and materials. In general, choosing a warranty that provides coverage for both labor and materials may offer the most protection for your metal roof. Additionally, some manufacturers prefer to leave their coverage undefined. For example, you may find industry warranties that exclude “any strong wind” event. The vague nature of this statement could leave you and your roof unprotected if bad weather hits.

· Customer-Friendly: Should a building owner discover a leak in their metal roof, many industry warranties require building owners to notify the manufacturer of that leak within 30 days. Make sure you’re aware of how the notification system works, as it could differ between manufacturers.

· Manufacturer: Make sure you know who is backing the warranty. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a warranty backed by a trusted manufacturer. After all, the terms of the warranty are only as strong as the issuer.

Red Shield Warranty Coverage and Requirements

Firestone Building Products, a leading manufacturer of High Performance Building Product Solutions, offers industry professionals the Red Shield™ warranty. The Red Shield Warranty provides exceptional coverage for your metal roof, offering protection for up to 30 years. More specifically, it doesn’t just cover your roof. In fact, the Red Shield warranty is a total system warranty for all the components installed on your roof as well as labor, giving building owners, facility managers and architects peace of mind when investing in this important asset. The number of covered years depends on various factors including roofing materials used, geography, design, engineering and cost. Firestone offers different warranties that span from 5 years to 30 to fit the needs of the building and the owner. The Red Shield warranty is not only backed by a manufacturer that many industry professionals trust, the warranty provides specific protection, leaving no question as to what will be covered. For example, the Red Shield warranty includes detailed protection for straight-lined winds. The warranty also comes with additional benefits, including a customer-friendly notification system, NDL warranted repairs and more. The Red Shield warranty can also be easily transferred between building owners by completing the Firestone Warranty Transfer Form. No roof inspection is required to complete the transfer process. To learn more about the Firestone Red Shield warranty and the coverage it can provide your metal roof, visit

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