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Video Demonstrates Practicality And Efficiency Of Unique Metal Roofing Material Handling System

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? In the case of the MTX metal roofing material handling system by PanelClad, it's invaluable. The ingenuity of the product and how exactly it works is difficult to fully appreciate without seeing it in action. Fortunately, PanelClad has it covered. 

In a short demonstration video—3:57 long—available on both the company's website and its YouTube channel, PanelClad offers a succinct explanation of its MTX rooftop material transfer system, which was developed to move bundles of metal roofing panels to the installing position on the roof, keeping the workforce on the leading edge, and eliminating the wasted labor of carrying materials by hand.


As demonstrated in the video, four persons using the MTX rooftop material transfer system—which consists of quickly assembled modular cart and rail system—can safely and effectively move a bundle of panels weighing 2,400 pounds up a 1/4:12-pitched metal roof slope. The system can travel forward and backward on the rails, and then also side to side thanks to plastic wheels that roll on the roof seams of installed panels, enabling material to be moved anywhere on the roof it is needed. With material handling and product moving estimated to comprise as much as 40% of the total cost of installing a metal roof system on a large building, simplifying the moving process and reducing the number of persons involved can significantly reduce labor requirements and thusly labor costs.

To see the MTX system in action, click the image above, or click here.

To learn more about the MTX system on the PanelClad website, click here.

About PanelClad

PanelClad-logoPanelClad is the developer and marketer of The Panelizer™ panelized erection system and MTX™ material handling system, time-saving products developed to simplify and substantially speed the installation of metal roof and wall claddings on metal building systems. The Panelizer™ suite of products includes the PurlinGuide and GirtJack alignment tools, PanelTrack roof panel layout and feeder apparatus, and PanelLift hoisting assembly which enables whole sections of wall or roof panels to be aligned on the ground and then lifted into place as a unitized assembly. The MTX™ system is an easy-to-assemble dolly and track system that facilitates the movement of metal roof panel bundles to the working edge, reducing labor and speeding panel installation.

PanelClad Inc. is also now offering services as a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-performance building structures and envelopes. The company designs, fabricates and erects its structures to its clients' exacting specifications. From the design phase through the final inspection, PanelClad guarantees a smooth process with a high industry standard for workmanship and professionalism. To learn more about the company and its products, visit

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