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Video And Information Showcases Unique Auto-Installing Metal Building Insulation System

For contractors interested in a faster, safer way to install metal building insulation, Thermal Design offers its innovative AutoCeil™ automated insulation system.

AutoCeil utilizes a system of winches to pull bay-sized ceiling sheets of up to 200' wide up one wall, across the ceiling and down the other wall. Once fully positioned, the tensioned sheet is secured as a support for uncompressed insulation. The process is safe, quick and economical. Struts support the seamless insulation system from the underside and serve as rafter bracing. AutoCeil completely eliminates banding, strapping, bottom side fasteners and seams throughout entire building bays.

A video on Thermal Design's website, also available on YouTube, shows the labor-saving installation process. The website also explains the system and installation process in much greater detail. Access to some information requires registration. 

To see the video on YouTube, click here.

To learn more about AutoCeil on the Thermal Design website, click here.

About Thermal Design

Thermal-Design-logoThermal Design, Inc. is a recognized innovator in the metal building insulation industry with a 30-year history of developing effective insulation solutions based on economical, easy-to-install building systems, accessories and concepts. Based in Wisconsin and Nebraska, Thermal Design, Inc. assists with energy code compliance and provides products and services globally that focus on integrating the design of insulation, HVAC, lighting, controls and power generation specifically tailored for pre-engineered metal buildings. Sales and service locations all throughout the United States and Internationally. To learn more, visit

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