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Metal Wall Panel Manufacturer's Configurator Tool Streamlines BIM Modeling Process

Bringing design visions to reality is now easier than ever with MorinBIM, the new BIM design tool from Morin, a Kingspan Group Company. The tool connects users with the company’s extensive library of BIM objects and digital content, and enables that content to be seamlessly integrated into the user’s building design models in just a few short steps.

The configurator gives users the ability to customize, assign attributes and download files for dozens of Morin single-element wall profiles. The robust tool features a 3D inspection window where the user can zoom and rotate the chosen object to preview it from different angles and detail levels. The program also features Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality models. The BIM designer tool is also portable, with the mobile version offering the same features as those available on the desktop.

Users are required to register and log in to unlock download options, but once they do, they’ll have the ability to choose from more than 140 CAD and BIM file formats, including native Revit. 3D PDF data sheets can also be downloaded for sharing with team members and incorporating with submittals. Data sheets always contain the latest product information, as well a basic product overview.

To learn more about the MORINBIM configurator, click here.

About Morin - A Kingspan Group Company

Kingspan_Morin_logoMorin, a Kingspan Group Company, is a leading producer of single element metal wall and roof panel systems for commercial, industrial and residential construction. To learn more, visit www.morincorp.com.

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