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A Complete Security Package For Commercial & Industrial Properties Includes Lightning Protection

Winsted, CT - A properly installed lightning protection system safeguards a business structurally and also protects property, inventory, electronic equipment and personnel from the destructive forces of lightning. As a recognized industry leader, East Coast Lightning Equipment (ECLE) specializes in lightning protections systems for virtually any type of structures.

A typical lightning protection system for low-rise construction.

Like fires alarms, sprinklers and security systems, a lightning protection system provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a potentially catastrophic problem has been dealt with proactively.

Schools, hospitals, airports, factories, chemical plants, power generating plants and office buildings are just some of the facilities choosing to play it safe against destructive forces of lightning by installing lightning protection systems.

ECLE follows nationally recognized safety standards for lightning protection system design and installation that are maintained by the National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. These standards are designed to help ensure safe, effective protection from lightning.

Click here to learn more about lightning protection systems for commercial and industrial projects, including information about East Coast Lightning Equipment's continuing education presentation and their lightning risk assessment.

About East Coast Lightning Equipment

Since 1984, East Coast Lightning Equipment (ECLE) has been an industry leader in lightning protection solutions. Their product line includes everything necessary for state-of-the-art lightning protection systems for structures of all types. In addition to an impressive line of standard items, the company customizes materials for special applications. East Coast Roof Specialties, a division of East Coast Lightning Equipment, offers Ice-Brakes snowguards.

East Coast Lightning Equipment serves customers throughout the world, offering them a complete line of quality Made in the U.S.A. products that conform to the latest standards as established by Underwriters Laboratories, the National Fire Protection Association and the Lightning Protection Institute. The company’s extensive production capacity enables its skilled staff to provide lightning fast service and high quality products. ECLE is always available to assist with design, application and installation questions. To learn more about ECLE, visit, or call (888) 680-9462.

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