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Sustainable Metal Construction Products Help To Improve The Environment

Louisville, KY - Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp., a premier manufacturer of metal construction products, is committed to improving the environment and the company’s impact on it. It starts with being a strong voice for sustainable design and construction, which they back up in a number of ways.


Metal Sales offers architectural strategies, solutions and products that focus on energy efficiency, LEED certification and Net-Zero building. Their products help contribute to critical environmental project certifications, such as LEED, ENERGY STAR and the Living Building Challenge.

Products are only one part of the commitment to sustainability; another is how Metal Sales operates. By de-centralizing manufacturing and operating facilities around the country, the company reduces transportation for shipping and, therefore, fuel used. They've even upgraded lighting throughout their offices and plant to reduce energy consumption.

In summary, Metal Sales’ commitment to environmental sustainability focuses on three primary areas: (1) manufacturing products that enhance and improve the environmental footprint for the structures on which they are used, and educating key audiences about the environmental benefits of these products; (2) operating all aspects of business such that they constantly monitor their environmental footprint, and educate associates about the importance of the actions taken to reduce it; and (3) partnering with organizations that are equally committed to build sustainable social responsibility.

To learn more about Metal Sales' sustainability efforts and how this translates to the wide line of products and services that they offer, click here.

About Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation

Metal_Sales_logoMetal Sales Manufacturing Corporation is the nation’s premier manufacturer of metal roofing, walls, and building systems for the construction industry. Metal Sales' products and systems are used in all building sectors: Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Architectural, Agricultural, and Residential markets. With one of the industry's largest and most knowledgeable sales and technical support teams, Metal Sales prides itself on delivering innovative, high quality, long lasting, environmentally sensible products. Celebrating 57 years in business in 2020, Metal Sales has a global reach delivering metal wall and roof system solutions from 21 manufacturing facilities. For more information, visit https://metalsales.us.com.

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