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From Humble Beginnings, A Metal Wall System With A Virtually Limitless Range Of Aesthetic Possibilities

Dri-Design panels are popularly specified to creat multi-colored facades like the one shown above.

Holland, MI - In today's metal wall systems landscape, it would be hard to find a product line as varied and interesting as that offered by Dri-Design. Since its founding in the 1990s, the company has been at the forefront of devising new and exciting-looking products that have helped push the industry to greater aesthetic heights.

The company's beginnings are humble, and are typically capsulized in sales and marketing materials to help contractors and architects better appreciate and understand the thinking that went into the original Dri-Design wall system's development.

Dri-Design's Tapered Series Panels can be angled in any direction with varying depths and degree of slope, allowing the creation of dynamic, one-of-a-kind surfaces.

Dri-Design's Perforated Imaging Panels use advanced computer-based manufacturing to create complex images using perforations. By varying the size, location and density of the perforations, areas of light, dark and shades in between are created to form an image.

As the story goes, paraphrasing, the Dri-Design panel system was developed as an answer to what its developers had viewed as shortcomings with the composite panel systems they'd been selling and installing for more than three decades.

Click to download Dri-Design's Design Guide

With those issues and more in mind, work began on devising a new type of system that combined simplicity of design with new objectives about the way a system could perform, both at the time of installation and for decades later. The result was a style of metal wall panel system that had not existed previously. It was, and is, a 100% recyclable, pressure equalized rain-screen, architectural metal wall system that attaches to nearly any substrate without the use of clips or extrusions. It is not laminated, nor a composite material. It doesn’t require joint sealants, gaskets, or butyl tape. It is manufactured efficiently and installs quickly. Additionally, Dri-Design’s patented design has passed the most stringent air, water and structural testing requirements in the industry, including the AAMA 508-07 test for pressure equalized rain-screens, as well as Miami-Dade County hurricane testing.

The benefits alone warrant giving Dri-Design a closer look, but if more reasons are needed, consider too that the systems provide nearly endless design possibilities, with an unlimited palette of colors, finishes, materials, textures, and custom perforations, including imaging. To see project examples, view the company's online portfolio or download its Design Guide.

About Dri-Design

DriDesign_logo_020511Dri-Design is a manufacturer of dry-joint rainscreen metal wall systems available in a wide range of styles and colors. In addition, the company offers graphic wall systems created though sophisticated custom perforating and via imaging technology. To learn more about the company's products, visit www.dri-design.com.

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