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Metal Construction Products Offer Trusted Protection And Honest Performance

Cleveland, OH - The Garland Company Inc.'s premium metal solutions provide honest performance, trusted protection and an alluring style to complement the design of any building. Defined by strength and proven performance, Garland's metal offerings deliver seamless waterproofing protection that spans decades.


garland-metal-solutions-brochure-2Among Garland's metal products are: R-Mer Shield structural standing seam roofing, the R-Mer Span structural standing seam panel system, the R-Mer Loc architectural and structural standing seam roof system, the R-Mer Wall-Pan snap-seam panel system, Rainscreen systems, R-Mer Edge coping, R-Mer Soffit, and exotic metals.

To learn more about all of the product options, applications, warranties, technical data and Garland's wide range of other services and benefits, click here to view the interactive Garland Metal Solutions brochure.

About Garland

Garland logoThe Garland Company Inc.'s product line includes metal roof and wall systems, metal soffits and metal roof recoating products. For more information, visit

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