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Document Libraries Section Offers Downloadable Info On Variety Of Topics

Norcross, GA - Since its founding in 1994, IMETCO, the Innovative Metals Company, has grown to become one of the industry's leading providers of engineered metal products and building envelope systems. And while building relationships with contractors, architects and even building owners has been a big contributor to the company's success, its support to those groups comes not only through direct communications, but also through an information-packed website where virtually anyone can gain a good sense of the company's products and capabilities. One of the website sections created to help familiarize visitors with who IMETCO is and what the company does is the company's Resources section.

In addition to helping prospective customers find IMETCO reps or make requests for quotes, the Resources section is the gateway to the company's Document Libraries, and more specifically, to handy downloadable PDFs organized into three types: Technical Bulletins / Ask IMETCO, Focus Books and Safety Data Sheets.

Technical Bulletins / Ask IMETCO is a cross between an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section and a How-To section, with each topic addressed in a downloadable PDF. In the company's own words, "Ask IMETCO is intended as quick and informal answers to product, application, technical, and industry questions that our staff receives on a daily basis. Responses are intended to inform IMETCO’s staff with the best information available at the time." Subjects in the Ask IMETCO section include Finish Warranties, Proper Touch-Up Techniques and Insulation Choices for Rainscreen Wall Systems, to name but a few, while Technical Bulletins available through the same section address topics such as Curving Standards and Acoustical Roof Assemblies. Browse the section to see the entire library.

The Document Libraries section includes Focus Books, which offer a quick look at specific conditions, materials, applications and more. Factory Curved Trims, Perforated and Equipment Screens are among the subjects covered.

The last grouping within the Document Libraries section is Safety Data Sheets, which outline the physical/chemical makeup and safety guidelines for IMETCO products.

To visit the IMETCO resources section, click here.

To go directly to the Document Libraries section, click here.


IMETCO_logoIMETCO manufactures metal products for the building envelope, including metal roofing, metal wall, and metal deck systems and accessories. For more information, visit  www.imetco.com.

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