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When You Need A Place To Put Your Foot, Now There's A Solution

Middleburg, FL - Everyone working on a standing seam metal roof knows, sometimes you just need a place to put your foot. Now you have one! The Roof Rat Bracket is a unique, standing seam metal roofing bracket created to give contracting professionals and maintenance workers a safe place to put their foot.

Conceived and designed by Jim Mitchell, a 50-year veteran in the metal roofing industry, The Roof Rat Bracket is designed specifically for standing seam metal roofs. The Roof Rat Bracket requires no bolts, no set screws, no torque or combination wrenches, or any tools for attachment.

This patent-pending bracket easily attaches to the vertical leg of the standing seam panel. To use, make sure the standing seam is dry, then simply press open the cam levers and place the bracket over the seam. Release the levers and the bracket attaches itself to the seam. Pull down or step on the bracket and it will automatically tighten against the seam, and it's ready to go.

Want to move it up the seam? Leave it in place and simply slide it up the roof panel with your hands or foot. The unique self-tightening cam system bracket gets tighter as more pressure is applied. To remove, press the levers to release the cams, and lift off the seam. The Roof Rat Bracket will not harm or scratch the paint due to the attached, and replaceable, rubber feet.

With a convenient place to put their foot, contractors, rooftop maintenance workers, solar panel installers, lightning protection installers and others can work more comfortably and confidently, enjoying relief from safety harness tension.

The Roof Rat bracket is made with pride in the United States of America.

For additional information and how to order, visit theroofratbracket.com.

About The RoofRat Bracket

roof-rat-logoThe RoofRat™ Bracket is a roofing bracket that quickly and securely locks onto the vertical seams of standing seam metal roofing panels—without tools—to create a handy place for roofers or building maintenance people to put their foot while working. For more information, visit theroofratbracket.com.  


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