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Snow Guards Serve A Vital Safety Function...And Look Good Doing It!

McHenry, IL - Avalanches of ice and snow can be dangerous and even deadly. It is true in nature, and it is true in steep-sloped roofing, where a sudden release of snow and ice can be dangerous to people and harmful to property. Fortunately—in the case of roofing—avalanches are preventable, thanks to companies like Sno Gem, a leading maker of snow and ice retention products since 1994.

As a company, Sno Gem’s roots are in roofing. So, when its founders decided to branch into snow retention almost three decades ago, they had the knowledge and experience to know what worked and what didn’t. It is the result of that understanding that led to the introduction of the company’s very first snow guard, and to the many products and systems that have come since.

Sno Gem makes retention products and systems for all types of roofs, including metal. Attachment varies depending on roof type but in the case of metal, they offer individual guard or pipe-style systems than can be clamped to the ribs of standing seam panels, without piercing the metal surface, or similar products and systems than can be either mechanically or adhesively attached when there’s no other option.

While the effectiveness of a given snow guard or retention system is a core quality, appearance does not have to come secondary. Sno Gem offers guards in clear polycarbonate that are meant to be visually unobtrusive, and painted products and systems that can be color-matched to any metal roof. It also has systems specially designed for round roof forms.

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About Sno Gem Inc.

Snogem_Logo_Supplier_DirectorySno Gem is a manufacturer/developer of snow retention systems for metal roofs, and also produces clamps to facilitate the attachment of various products to the metal roof surface. To learn more, visit

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