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Exploring The Art And Science Of Architectural Metal Coatings

Pittsburgh, PA - As one of the first architectural metal coatings manufacturers, PPG (NYSE: PPG) is able to bring a uniquely insightful perspective to the art and science of architectural metal coatings.


PPG's color selection is nearly infinite. With one of the industry’s largest collection of color databases plus custom color matching, PPG gives architects the tools they need to create the next great building.

The company's worldwide resources ensure that it can deliver consistent color wherever a building is constructed. And PPG's products are formulated to meet the most demanding environmental conditions, as well as the demand for sustainability.

Most importantly, PPG brings it all together with its people. The company's architectural metal coatings experts are dedicated to delivering on expectations and offering help to ensure each project's success, taking on every project as its own. PPG is there when needed, from the drawing board to the ribbon-cutting and beyond.

Across the world, and on practically every kind of structure that requires colorful metal coatings to look and perform their best, design and construction professionals and building owners will discover the innovative and proven coating solutions of PPG.


To access PPG's Architectural Liquid Coatings Color Guide and Architectural Powder Coatings Color Guide showing a wide variety of coating options, click here.

About PPG

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