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Insulated Metal Panels To Be On Full Display At METALCON 2022


By Jeff Irwin, Executive Director, Insulated Metal Panel Alliance

Newton, MA — For anyone looking to learn about insulated metal panels (IMPs), a visit to METALCON International is a must. For a second consecutive year, the trade show for the metal construction industry will feature an IMP Pavilion, bringing together manufacturers to promote the benefits and use of insulated metal panels.

METALCON is scheduled for October 12-14 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The IMP Pavilion is occupied by members of the IMP Alliance.

“This is where all the major (insulated metal panel) manufacturers in the U.S. are going to be,” says RC Antal, Insulated Panel Manager at ATAS International and past marketing chair of the IMP Alliance. “This is where you can see all the players, learn about the newest technologies, newest equipment and the newest products.”

Antal says architects and contractors of all experience levels will be able to attend a dedicated IMP demo area in the exhibit hall and a workshop titled “Architecture Excellence with Insulated Metal Panels (8:30 a.m., Oct. 12).

Bob Zabcik, IMP Alliance Technical Director, will be on hand to discuss any questions about insulated metal panels from show attendees, including contractors and architects.

“A big thing we discuss is thermal performance,” Zabcik says. “We get questions on installation methods and what kind of equipment is required to handle IMPs.”

As a representative of the IMP Alliance and the Metal Construction Association, Zabcik conducts research to make building code bodies aware of the capabilities of insulated metal panels. He says organizations touting competing products will do what they can to make their products look better than others. It’s a never-ending battle.

Manufacturers look forward to METALCON to meet with attendees and provide information about IMPs.

“It was successful last year,” says Louis Galvez, marketing coordinator for Green Span Profiles, headquartered in Waller, Texas. “We met a lot of interesting people. We’re there to educate those looking to learn about the benefits of IMPs, the contractors, engineers and architects.”

The Metal Construction Association’s Insulated Metal Panel Alliance is comprised of manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to the promotion and growing the use of IMPs.

The versatility of IMPs combined with the many benefits for contractors as well as end users continue to make IMPs an attractive option for construction.

IMPs are most used in four markets:

     • Cold Storage
     • Industrial & Commercial
     • Architectural
     • Roofing

IMPs are designed as a single-pass construction material, including the exterior skin, interior skin and insulating core. Panels are available in a variety of colors, profiles and reveals, in custom lengths and widths to provide an aesthetically pleasing finished structure. IMPs can even be curved to meet more creative design requirements.

Because the panels include the three elements – exterior skins, insulation and interior skins – they will speed up construction time compared to more traditional construction methods. This allows the building owner to more quickly occupy the building. IMPs are easy to install with a concealed fastener system in the side joints, meaning a single installer can take care of building enclosure, reducing the requirement of a variety of trades onsite. IMPs are easily and faster to install, so they are cost effective, driving down installation costs, by increasing the speed of build.

Other benefits for your customers include the strength, durability and low maintenance of insulated metal panels, as well as the energy efficiency they provide, reducing heating and cooling costs. IMPs can be manufactured to a variety of thicknesses, helping meet or exceed energy codes and requirements.

Some manufacturers used recycled content to produce insulated metal panels, helping contribute toward LEED credits. Some IMPs are manufactured with cores that can achieve various fire-resistance ratings.

About the Author

Jeff Irwin is the president of JH Consulting LLC and the Executive Director of the MCA’s Insulated Metal Panel Alliance. With a career spanning more than 40 years in the metal construction industry, Jeff specializes in insulated metal wall and roof panel systems for the commercial and industrial construction building envelope markets. Jeff has been actively involved with the Metal Construction Association for more than 25 years in various roles, including as a member of the board of directors for most of those years. He can be reached at


METALCON-logoEstablished in 1991, METALCON is the only annual tradeshow and conference devoted exclusively to the application of metal in design and construction. Produced by PSMJ Resources, Inc., in partnership with the Metal Construction Association, METALCON’s success is based on a dynamic exhibit hall, extensive educational programs and interactive learning opportunities. This is the event’s sixth time in Las Vegas. For more information, visit

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