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AkzoNobel's CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Select Improves Customer Satisfaction

Columbus, OH - When Arkansas-based Metal Building Supply (MBS) needed to source a specific color of coil coating to meet a spike in demand over normal usage, AkzoNobel's CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Select standard color palette program meant they were able to obtain the product required immediately. This enabled MBS to maintain the project schedule, manage costs and keep its customer happy.


MBS provides residential roofing, general purpose and pre-engineered metal buildings, such as mini-storage buildings, modular offices, hay barns, red-iron, pole barns, riding arenas, churches, gymnasiums, agricultural buildings, components and more. Its products are available in a diverse range of coatings, including painted coatings, metallic and textured, as well as unpainted.

For many years, MBS has trusted AkzoNobel coil coatings due to the combination of robust performance, reduced complexity and strong availability. MBS experienced a spike in demand for the Hunter Green painted steel. The surprise in demand came so quick there was no time to order through their normal channels. Instead, they reached out to Flack Global Metals, the AkzoNobel distributor in the area, to source the coating directly. Prior to the implementation of the Select program this was never an option for MBS.

Flack is part of AkzoNobel’s CERAM-A-STAR 1050 Select program. This guarantees immediate availability of CERAM-A-STAR 1050’s carefully selected portfolio of coatings. MBS was able to order and collect the Hunter green coating it required immediately, ensuring all jobs and projects stayed on track and customer expectations were maintained.

CERAM-A-STAR 1050 Select is formulated using AkzoNobel’s industry-leading coil coating technology. With a targeted color palette built of popular and in-demand colors, it is designed to optimize business efficiency and make color complexity a thing of the past by combining exceptional product performance with immediate availability of standard colors. This makes life easier for both coil coaters, and distributors and service centers.

Jose Mendoza, MBS President and Sales Manager, said: “We supply residential roofing, general purpose and pre-engineered metal buildings to customers across five states. Quality, reliability and availability are crucial to our customers. Over the years, we’ve come to trust AkzoNobel’s CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Select coatings because the performance has never let us down. In addition, the improved color program means we can obtain any standard color immediately without having to wait for it to be ordered in - which empowers us to keep projects moving forward, minimize color complexity, decrease inventory levels while also improving our service to our customers. It is a win-win for MBS and our customers.”

Aaron Underwood, Vice President of Construction Products, at Flack added: “CERAM-A-STAR 1050 Select has enabled us to streamline our product offering. This program has increased operational efficiency through a reduction of stocked colors, as well as lowering the risk associated with slow moving items. In addition, we offer enhanced color service tools (including Canopy) to support and guide customers to the standard color palette. Most importantly, the CERAM-A-STAR 1050 Select program gives us added color efficiencies while exceeding customer expectations.”

Manoel Rodrigues, Regional Commercial Director, Americas, AkzoNobel Metal Coatings, said: “When we launched the CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Select program in early 2021, it optimized and improved business practices for our customers. Since then, CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Select has gone on to be adopted by countless of our most valued coil coater, distributor and specifier customers. Today, CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Select optimizes their businesses, saving inventory and complexity costs while improving customer satisfaction and business performance.”

For more information on Metal Building Supply, click here. For more information on Flack Global Metals, click here.

About AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel has been pioneering a world of possibilities to bring surfaces to life for well over 200 years, and has manufactured high-performance coatings to meet the needs of the metal construction industry for over 50 years. They offer a complete portfolio of coil and extrusion coating solutions for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications.

AkzoNobel has always focused on giving its customers the best products possible, backed by rigorous testing and quality programs and by unmatched customer service. AkzoNobel coatings are optimally formulated to provide superior protection and durability as well as lasting color. These benefits are proven through many years of research, testing, and use. For more information, visit

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