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Armored Coast™  Metal Roofing Offers New Option For Coastal Area Construction


Ken Krawcheck Sr.

By Ken Krawcheck Sr., Vice President of Business Development
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Whiting, IN - In the world of roofing, resilience and durability are paramount, especially in coastal areas where the corrosive forces of saltwater and harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on traditional materials. East Lake Metals would like you to familiarize yourself with the innovative solution known as Armored Coast™ metal roofing. In essence, the Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloy coated steel sheet was designed to provide unparalleled protection for coastal applications due to its metallurgy and to the process that provides cut edge protection on the panels. From its composition and advantages to its installation and warranty, this article covers everything you need to know about this groundbreaking roofing solution.

Armored Coast roofing is available in six stocked colors, with another 22 available for order.

One of the standout aspects of Armored Coast metal roofing is its seamless integration into existing roofing systems. Utilizing the same grade 50b substrate found in galvalume and galvanized metals, the roll forming process remains consistent, eliminating the need for complex adjustments. This standardization also extends to gauge and gapping, which is particularly significant for panels to prevent oil canning. Whether undergoing tests or project-defined specifications, Armored Coast metal easily substitutes for generic steel classifications, offering flexibility and ease of adoption for you and your clients.Sharing the similarity of installation with galvanized and galvalume roofs today, a major advantage of Armored Coast metal roofing lies in its compatibility with galvanized clips. Unlike aluminum roofing systems that require expensive clips placed closer together, Armored Coast's use of galvanized clips not only saves costs but also reduces labor-intensive installation. Adding to its appeal is a wide range of colors, with options to choose from six stocked colors or select from twenty-two color choices to elevate the aesthetics of coastal properties. The same paint ability as galvanized steel ensures that your roofing can match your vision without compromising on durability.

The reliability of Armored Coast metal roofing is exemplified by its substrate warranty, which extends over 300 feet from the coast and its 35-year paint finish warranty. This makes it an ideal choice for properties located right on canals and brackish water bodies. Whether in commercial or residential settings, this warranty ensures will help clients have peace of mind and perhaps provide one where they were unable previously to have. The comprehensive coverage further provides an optional weathertightness warranty for both commercial and residential though AMB Warranty, a testament to the quality and confidence that comes with Armored Coast.Armored Coast's exclusivity is vested in East Lake Metals, a name synonymous with premier roofing solutions. Their commitment to delivering top-tier products and services is only matched by their dedication to safeguarding valuable assets. As the sole provider of Armored Coast, East Lake Metals brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the forefront, ensuring that customers have access to the finest in coastal protection.

In an industry defined by evolution, Armored Coast stands as a beacon of innovation. Its resilience, versatility, and unmatched warranties make it a revolutionary choice for coastal metal roofing applications. From its inception to its exclusive provider, this comprehensive guide has showcased the journey of a product that's redefining the limits of protection. To dive even deeper into the world of Armored Coast, visit https://www.eastlakemetals.com/steel-aluminum-products/armored-coast/ and embark on a journey into the future of roofing excellence.

About East Lake Metals

East-Lake-logoEast Lake Metals is a leading provider of prepainted and mill finish steel and aluminum coil and sheet products to fabricators and independent formers of metal roof and wall systems for commercial, industrial, and architectural applications. For projects in coastal regions, the company distributes ZAM® coated steel products under the Armored Coast™ label. East Lake has in-house slitting and sheeting capacity and a network of partners to supply a wide range of accessories, fasteners, underlayment and roll forming machines. To learn more visit www.eastlakemetals.com.

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