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Neil Armstrong Academy
infrastructure is easily adaptable to shifting educational modalities. For example, the school features raised, on this project included: • Formawall® Dimension Series® 2” Horizontal - Square Feet: 10,842; Color, Panels IW-14A Horizontal - Square Feet: 760; Color: Silver; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Sundance AM; Gauge: 22 • BR5-36 Horizontal Exposed Fastener Panels with MicroSeam Corners - Square Feet: 3,700; Color
Centennial College - Ashtonbee Campus
further reveal a shifting pattern and a playful reflection of light. The wall panels are brushed, ephemeral patterns of color and light,” Watson says. “This creates a bold and memorable arrival onto
The House At Cornell Tech
facade. That’s where PPG stepped in. Capitalizing on their familiarity with PPG’s “color shifting, . Moffatt suggested the use of PPG Duranar® MXL coatings, which featured a dynamic color formulation, stylist and manager of color science at PPG, who worked directly with the design team to meet, wanted in a silver color that shifted to a gold or champagne color. The second was for the large, . “The deep rich color of the Kappa with a slight sparkle provided the perfect contrast to the color
Bringing Work Home: The Use Of Coated Metal In Suburbia
visual, Ilhan turned to a color-shifting coating: Fluropon® Effects Kameleon™ from Valspar that feature pearlescent paints that appear to shift in color based on the lighting or viewing angle. This unique, to offer enhanced and improved application properties, dependable color consistency and special formulations, such as energy-efficient solar-reflective coatings and color-changing coatings. Due, design is a sophisticated mix of architectural forms, a generous color scheme and refined details
Appaloosa Library
building constructed with color-shifting Duranar VARI-Cool coatings by PPG. Due in part to Duranar, and coatings, including PPG’s VARI-Cool "Kaleidoscope" color whose appearance is uniquely dependent, color according to viewing angle and how light refracts across their surface. On the Appaloosa
The Stack Deep Ellum
the neighborhood’s historic architecture to the upper-level modern, dynamically shifting look, . “There were still many color choices; but we were immediately intrigued by the sophistication, of color samples” provided by 3A Composites USA before selecting custom Brushed Manhattan. “We reviewed every color of ALUCOBOND PLUS with a brushed finish before selecting Manhattan; it was just
Quora Education Center
what materials work and last." Incorporating ALUCOBOND® Plus panels in the Spectra color-shifting, is reflected in the selection of a sensory friendly natural color palette for the school's exterior, composite material (ACM) by 3A Composites USA in the company's ALUCOBOND® naturAL and Spectra color, . The selection of a natural color palette of ALUCOBOND® Plus installed as building cladding helped to fulfill, sparkle rather than the wall becoming a large singular element,” said Davidson. “The color is warm, School's Natural Color Palette of ACM Cladding Addresses Sensory Needs Of Special Education Students
Paul F. Cullum Tower
were not static. This unique product gave us a stunning array of color through its color shifting properties that essentially tripled the eight basic Spectra color choices. They are not so kinetic, -changing color spectrum in the cladding of sophisticated building designs. Alucobond Spectra Colors, , CID, partner, Lothrop Associates. “We didn’t feel that a monolithic color approach was right, and presented many color options to the housing authority,” said Arthur J. Seckler, III, Associate AIA
How Prepainted Metal Meets The Needs Of Fabricators
, including those with iridescent and color-shifting properties, to meet the aesthetic needs, By Derek Deakins, National Coil Coating Association Marketing Committee Chair With its nearly endless color and texture possibilities, eco-friendliness and durability, prepainted metal’s popularity is on the rise when compared to other materials. With the technological demands of modern, The durability requirements of prepainted metal are expressed typically in terms of color fade, With its nearly endless color and texture possibilities, eco-friendliness and durability, prepainted metal’s popularity is on the rise when compared to other materials. With the technological demands of modern fabrication techniques, manufacturers may wonder if this new trend of greater use of prepainted metal can handle the rigorous processes of manufacturing, such as embossing and rollforming, while maintaining adherence to government regulations
Wolf Creek Branch Library
of the site’s ridgeline setting. The Ability to Be Creative In this natural setting, material and color, , we wanted the shifting colors” Sarden says. “We wanted a material that would mirror back and reflect, that complements it. The secondary color of satin-anodized aluminum completes the connection with nature, and appealing color palette with visually striking forms, the designers created a compelling
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