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New Flyer Highlights Innovative Duranar Specialty Coatings By PPG

Color-Shifting, Textured And Pearlescent Coatings Among Offerings

Duranar_flyerPittsburgh, PA - PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) has published a flyer highlighting five Duranar® coatings with specialty finishes or environmentally advanced formulations.

Titled Duranar Coating Innovations, the colorful one-page document provides a quick overview of Duranar Vari-Cool® coatings, which combine polychromatic pigments with proprietary Ultra-Cool® infrared (IR)-reflective coating technology by PPG. These coatings add an aesthetic and energy-saving dimension to metal roofs and wall panels by shifting color when ambient light conditions and viewing angles change, and by helping buildings to use less air conditioning by deflecting solar heat.

The flyer also contains information about Duranar pearl, Duranar textured powder and Duranar patterned-effect coatings. Duranar pearl coats give metal surfaces a 3-D look by mixing shimmering effect pigments into the clear coat layer instead of the white, ivory or beige-colored base layer.

Duranar textured powder coatings achieve a distinctive salt-and-pepper appearance in a range of colors, while providing the hardness and solvent-free, low emissions of powder coatings. Duranar liquid patterned-effect coatings are engineered to replicate the look of exotic metal finishes without the high cost associated with those products.

Readers also can learn about the “green” and performance advancements associated with next-generation Duranar coatings made with lead-free pigments. Available in bright oranges and yellows, the coatings are shown in panel photos that highlight their vibrancy and colorfastness after five years of South Florida exposure testing for heat, humidity and sunlight.

To download or order the flyer, visit or call 1-888-PPG-IDEA (774-4332).

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