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Kingspan Set To Launch KINetic™ Social Media Platform

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DeLand, FL – On March 31, 2014, Kingspan North America will launch KINetic™, a new social media platform that frees design and construction professionals from the unwanted aspects of other outlets. Conceived by Kingspan, KINetic™ has been tested extensively to hone its usefulness for the creative community.

The new social media platform was specifically created for architects, specifiers and contractors. One of the primary benefits of KINetic, says Kingspan officials, is the simple, yet innovative way it facilitates the open collaboration of ideas during a project’s design phase and continues as a valuable tool during the project management phase.

“Architects have continually been looking for resources to enhance their collective capabilities,” said Keith Spurlin, Business Development Manager for Kingspan. “KINetic offers that in ways not found in any other social media site.”

After logging onto KINetic, users form clusters for projects. The cluster is then labeled with a title, description and privacy level. Those designated “public” can be viewed by all using KINetic. If labeled “private”, only those invited by the cluster creator can see it.

Each cluster contains “spheres” that serve as building blocks of ideas. A user arranges a group of spheres around a cluster. This generates a brainstorming site as the spheres hold ideas, drawings, technical information, questions and other design components. A project's progress can be followed from conception to construction and right through to completion. As more users add ideas and comments, the cluster becomes graphically enlarged to show which ideas have generated the most interest in the KINetic community.

KINetic is connected to Kingspan’s vast resources, where materials such as data sheets, product information, and other valuable knowledge can be accessed. Through that connection, users have access to a vast wealth of intelligence related to energy efficient design. Kingspan will expand this as needed by the cooperative activities of KINetic users.

“Kingspan’s community is the commercial building community and includes design professionals, building owners, installers, construction managers and others who are stakeholders in commercial building projects,” said Andrea Peters, Director of Marketing for Kingspan. “There has been a need for more and better teamwork among these parties and KINetic fills that need.”

Peters also noted that the design and construction industry is becoming more complex with new material technologies, stringent building codes and intense competition among manufacturers. Thus relationships need to become more sophisticated and comprehensive. KINetic provides leadership in developing the ability to create structures that perform at the highest possible level.

Kingspan officials note that conventional social media does offer many useful purposes, but those that currently exist aren’t designed in a way that facilitates collective endeavors necessary to imaginative design specialists. “While KINetic will allow creative relationships to strengthen, it also keeps the focus on getting things done,” said Peters. “This will result in design decisions that create functionally superior projects due to more effective project management decisions.”

Users of KINetic can also take advantage of the way it facilitates visual inspiration by giving the design community better use of technical information during both the conception phase and design phases. Kingspan will officially launch KINetic on March 31, 2014. Visit to learn how to connect to KINetic.

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