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Butler Manufacturing™ Offers Framing System Designed For Greater Spans

Truss-PurlinXTKansas City, MO - Butler Manufacturing™ has integrated Truss PurlinXT™ technology with the Landmark™ 2000 structural system, enabling building owners to form a framing system that can span up to 60 feet – which they describe as “the longest bay size available in the market”.

“Customers demand wide, open areas to maximize their building functionality. We are exceeding their needs and expectations with the Landmark 2000 structural system,” said Jeff Van Hoose, president, Van Hoose Construction. His company recently installed the Landmark 2000 structural system, featuring Truss PurlinXT, at Oak Hollow Industrial Park in Oklahoma City, Okla.

The Landmark 2000 structural system combines solid-web primary frames, factory-punched Truss PurlinXT secondary structural members and rod bracing to form a long-bay framing system. It can be used for commercial and industrial building applications that require large areas of open floor space, such as retail centers, aviation hangars, manufacturing plants, and warehouse and distribution facilities.

Other product benefits include the ability to:

• Increase usable space - Through the technology of Truss PurlinXT, the Landmark 2000 structural system requires less bridging and fewer footings and columns - providing for wide, open areas in applications where space can be at a premium.

• Add interior beauty - With an acrylic-coated galvanized finish, Truss PurlinXT provides an attractive interior appearance.

• Simplify installation - Truss PurlinXT ensures accuracy and speed in erection. Chords are factory-punched for panel attachment and pre-marked for bridging locations. Bridging is mechanically attached, which eliminates the need for field welding. It is bundled in exact erection sequence, saving time and creating cost efficiencies during installation.

For further information on the Landmark 2000 structural system, contact a local Butler Builder® which can be found at

About Butler Manufacturing

Butler Manufacturing™, a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, offers metal building systems. For more information, visit

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