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Samco Machinery To Roll Form Innovative GRIP Metal Product

New Product Altering Thinking Of Attachment Process In Multiple Industries

The GRIP Metal bonding surface is shown on the outside of a metal stud (above), while the photo below shows GRIP metal on the inside.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Samco Machinery manufactures roll forming and stamping equipment for several industries: building and construction, storage, coil processing, energy, transportation and a variety of consumer products. These innovations evolve from finding a way to say “yes.”

Among Samco’s newest partners is Nucap, a global leader in cold form stamping for vehicle brake system components. Nucap, another company in the “yes” business while promising to “meet any production needs for our brake industry clients,” has developed a product called GRIP Metal.

GRIP Metal is a bonding material configured to requested specifications and available in a range of thicknesses and hook depths. GRIP Metal is fabricated in a range of sheet thicknesses with single- or double-sided hook configurations. It’s available in steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metals.

It was noted that GRIP Metal applications may someday be used in markets as diverse as architecture, home and construction, transportation, mining, safety and protection, and aerospace.

“Samco’s philosophy has always been to look for disruptive technologies,” said Samco founder Joe Repovs. “We believe GRIP Metal to be such a technology and when you combine the innovative cultures of a Samco and a Nucap it becomes possible to create tremendous value for our customers.”

GRIP Metal is fabricated in a range of sheet thicknesses with single- or double-sided hook configurations. It’s available in steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metals.


Nucap approached approximately 20 roll forming manufacturers to inquire about the possibility of roll forming this innovative material. The only positive response came from Samco, a Toronto neighbor. Samco has successfully formed GRIP Metal and expects to be manufacturing forming machines for Nucap soon.

“We look to partner with companies willing to take on a challenge,” said Rahul Pereira, marketing manager of Nucap. “Samco was willing to take on the challenge of forming GRIP Metal. We’re in the process of testing its use with various substrates and expect to begin production of GRIP Metal components for various practical applications, stamped and formed by Samco equipment, by the end of the year.”

Added Samco Manufacturing Engineer Mike Walker, “To roll form this product took some different thinking such as ‘how does one pull the material through the roll set without crushing the hooks and still get shape?’ We were able to successfully meet these challenges on several profiles provided to us and look forward to the opportunity to further explore roll forming with GRIP metal.”

Samco Machinery has been meeting the specific and unique needs of its customers on a global scale for more than 40 years, all with the goal of drastically improving efficiencies for those customers.

“Our focused roll forming experts and in-house engineers explore our customers’ true needs, beyond their stated requirements,” said Repovs. “Our experience reveals unseen efficiencies, adds innovative technologies and brings a personalized approach to our customer’s floor for both the experienced buyers and buyers new to the industry.”

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