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Innovative Attachment System By ACP Express Changes ACM Manufacturing And Installation

To view a brief animation showing how panels click into place with the ACP Express system, click the video above.

North Bergen, NJ - ACP Express Inc. introduces an innovative new aluminum composite panel (ACP) system that it terms as “revolutionary”. The company believes it will “change forever the way ACM is made, specified and installed.”

Compared to other ACM products, ACP Express is described as costing “about 25 percent less installed, and reduces contractor delivery and labor costs by 50%.”

The new product has all the features and benefits of conventional ACP products including lightness, durability and flat plane. The main difference in ACP Express is its attachment system. Unlike existing ACM products, ACP Express is a randomly installed system where grids of tough PVC attachment strips are attached to the wall and multiple panels are quickly snapped into place along the grid. Installation can begin anywhere on the exterior or interior wall surface, allowing workers to install the PVC grids while others snap in the pre-made panels. The installation process is said to take less than half the time of traditional sequentially-installed systems where each panel must be positioned and installed one at a time.

ACP Express comes in six available panel sizes and is pre-finished with a premium Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coil coating available in a wide variety of standard colors as well as any custom color a builder or architect specifies. The product can be field cut to specification where necessary, which ACP Express describes as “a major advantage over factory made traditional panels.” It also eliminates the design phase need for shop drawings that show the placement of each panel.

Among the benefits of ACP Express is that panels do not need to be shipped back because of dimensional inaccuracies or shop drawings that were drawn incorrectly, and new panels and their attachment systems to be custom made in the factory. Instead, ACP Express premade panel sizes are ready for next-day shipment to the worksite and can be field cut to special sizes if required. It’s noted that traditional aluminum composite panels used with conventional grid systems, which must be individually crated, are now replaced by panels shipped flat in a cardboard box, reducing delivery costs by 50 percent and eliminating the need for costly onsite storage.

In today’s quick turnaround culture with “on demand” expectations, ACP Express is an environmentally friendly solution for architects and contractors requiring reliability, technical capability and cost consciousness at no extra charge.

About ACP Express

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