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AppliCad Rolls Out Latest Versions Of RoofScape And Roof Wizard

AppliCad-RoofScapeJupiter, FL - AppliCad USA has announced improvements to both of its industry-leading 3D roof modeling programs, RoofScape and Roof Wizard.

The newly released RoofScape v7.1 is a full-function, purpose-built 3D roof modeling program available free of charge. It has been revised with dozens of improvements to the roof modeling tools. According to the company, these enhancements make it even faster and easier to create even the most complex roof geometry from aerial images, PDFs or measurements. RoofScape v7.1 can provide users with a test drive of sorts for AppliCad's full function professional version of Roof Wizard.

RoofWizard v7.1 does everything RoofScape does plus more. RoofWizard also generates detailed material cutting lists, offers tools to minimize waste. Other productivity features include an image trace wizard which simplifies the creation of a 3D model from aerial images or a PDF; a new simplified menu system option that greatly improves ease of use as well as enhancing a new user's learning of functions. Many new tables and key text strings enhance the creation of custom report templates, making detailed reporting possible with little effort on the user's part.

Also new in Roof Wizard v7.1 is the Assembly Manager for commercial sites trying to manage thousands of trim and flashing combinations for roof and wall panel sytems. The manager automatically creates the correct associations between different systems that share similar or the same trim items. This new function improves the accuracy and speeds the creation of material order lists without errors or omissions.

Coinciding with the release of new versions of its software, AppliCad has announced the availability for the first time of Roof Wizard Read-Only software. Roof Wizard Read-Only software can be downloaded free of charge to any computer, making it possible for the first time to read files generated in Roof Wizard 7.1 and earlier program versions on non-resident machines.

To download RoofScape 7.1 now, click here.

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