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Post-Frame Anchoring Product Introduced

Levis-Uplift-PlateLeola, PA – Levi’s Building Components has announced a new product for the post-frame construction sector. The Uplift Plate™, created by Bill Keller, is said to significantly improve the strength, durability, simplicity of post-frame anchoring.

uplift-plate-logoTraditionally, post-frame builders have relied on rebar to anchor frame posts in concrete, which was a multi-step, labor-intensive process. With Uplift Plate, builders hammer the plates onto the post and it’s ready to set into the ground for the concrete pour.

“We like to use Uplift Plates because they are an easy, fast way to provide additional uplift protection on posts”, said Sylvan Stoltzfus the owner of Timberline Buildings. “Rather than cutting wood blocks or drilling holes and cutting rebar, we take the plate and with a hammer attach it at the bottom of the post. The Uplift Plates allow us more clearance to easily maneuver the post in the hole.”

A study conducted by a certified, professional engineer compared the strength and durability of both rebar and Uplift Plate in concrete. The study concluded Uplift Plate was three times stronger than rebar with its anchoring capabilities. Currently Uplift Plate is sold exclusively at Levi’s Building Components and its distributors.

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