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Unistrut Announces New Corrosion-Resistant Product Line

Unistrut-defenderHarvey, IL - Unistrut International has announced the development of a new corrosion-resistant, patent-pending product line called Unistrut Defender.

Unistrut Defender is designed for harsh and corrosive environments, providing an expected service life that exceeds hot-dip galvanizing by up to three times, according to independent testing. Unistrut Defender requires no stainless steel hardware.

“Our performance feasibility trials tested Unistrut Defender against hot-dip galvanized products in a continuous salt spray chamber”, says Jake Shaw, Product Manager of Unistrut Defender. “High performance products in the metal framing industry are typically only tested for 1,000 hours. Unistrut Defender products were still going strong after 2,800 hours in the chamber. We knew Unistrut Defender would perform well but we were still excited to see how well it performed against hot-dip galvanized products in a side-by-side test."

About Unistrut®

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