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Garland’s New Restoration System Revitalizes Metal Roofs

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Cleveland, OH - Garland introduces its Revitalizer™ restoration systems. They are described as easy to apply, cost-effective solutions designed to restore the wearing surfaces of smooth or mineral asphalt and metal roofs to “better than the original”.

The multi-purpose, asphaltic, liquid waterproofing membranes effectively adhere to a variety of roof coatings, providing an additional 80 to 112 wet mils of waterproofing protection and helping to extend the life of the system.

The cold-process, low odor formulation of Revitalizer allows projects to proceed without disruption to the building’s operations and occupants. It also eliminates the need for kettles, heat sources and bulky rooftop equipment, making it extremely fast and simple to install. It’s noted that when combined with Garland’s Grip PolyesterFirm reinforcement fabric, the Revitalizer system provides exceptional tensile strength and elongation. When using Revitalizer Metal, combine with Garland’s Grip Polyester Soft. The system easily conforms to surface irregularities and accommodates building movement without leaking, cracking, blistering or ridging.

According to Garland product manager, Tom Stuewe, “Industry experts suggest that more than 80 percent of roofs are replaced prematurely. Garland’s Revitalizer systems offer an alternative solution to costly tear-off and replacement by sealing and waterproofing properly prepared surfaces and adding an additional 10 to 15 years of service life to the roof.”

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