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AceClamp®/PMC Introduces New L-Foot Bracket

AceClamp-PMC-L-bracketPlainville, CT –AceClamp®/PMC Industries has introduced a new L-shaped bracket that it says makes installing solar racking systems easier because it gives installers complete access to mounting clamp fasteners.

The new L-Foot does not cover the top-mounted bolt on the AceClamp® ML or impede access to the AceClamp® A2® side bolt, making adjustments or re-torquing quick and easy. The bracket’s shorter foot also allows complete access to the clamp’s grounding cable channel, so the bracket doesn’t have to be removed to install the grounding wire.

“After we talked with installers about what they wanted in an L-shaped bracket, we modified the design of our bracket to improve functionality with the AceClamp® ML,” said Jim Bailey, president of AceClamp®/PMC Industries. “Our L-Foot provides access to the top mounting bolt, which makes installing solar racking systems so much easier and quicker, not to mention assuring a strong, secure attachment. Now we pack an equal quantity of the L-Foot in with our mounting clamps so installers have everything they need to get their job done right and fast.”

The FM-Approved AceClamp® ML is a standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp system that can accommodate almost any application or roof seam profile. It is UL 2703 compliant. Its two-piece design allows installation at any point on the seam with a tight vibration-tested grip. The single fastening screw is top-loaded, providing easy, quick access for the contractor.

According to the company, the AceClamp® A2® is one of the strongest clamps in the SSMR market, compared with single set-screw clamps. It is UL 467 and 2703 compliant. Its design is intended to eliminate the need for periodic re-torquing of the clamps. The A2® prevents torque back-out by employing a distinctive “push-pin” design that locks two stainless steel pins onto the roof panel to secure the clamp. The A2®’s design also features a grounding cable groove incorporated into the clamp itself. A stainless steel sleeve and set-screw kit securely hold the grounding wire in place. For the installer, this feature eliminates the need for a separate grounding attachment. Like the AceClamp® ML, the A2® does not penetrate or scratch the roof’s surface, preserving manufacturers’ warranties.

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