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PPG Publishes Coil Coating Color Guide For Building Products

100 Color Samples Cover Eight Product Lines, Five Resin Chemistries

PPG-Building-Products-Coil-Coatings-Color-GuidePittsburgh, PA - PPG Industries’ (NYSE: PPG) coil and building products group has published the Building Products Coil Coatings Color Guide, an eight-page brochure featuring 100 coatings color samples categorized according to eight product lines and five resin chemistries.

The booklet highlights 30 individual colors, ranging from regal and bright white to charcoal and solar-reflective black, for Duranar® ULTRA-Cool® polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) coatings, Durastar® polyester coatings and Durastar SMP (silicone-modified polyester) coatings. There are five color samples each for Duranar ULTRA-Cool Sunstorm® coatings and three-coat Duranar XL ULTRA-Cool coatings.

ULTRA-Cool coatings by PPG are formulated with proprietary infrared (IR)-reflective pigments and resin technologies that deflect solar heat from buildings, enabling them to stay cooler and consume less energy for air conditioning.

The guide features 10 Duranar VARI-Cool® coatings, which combine ULTRA-Cool coatings technology with color-changing polychromatic pigments, along with 10 Duraform™ BP coatings, which are part of a new line of next-generation engineered polyester-resin-based products. Readers also will find five color swatches each for Environ® waterborne acrylic coatings and Plasticron® plastisol-based coatings.

PPG coil coatings are designed to meet a wide range of building applications, from high-end roof and wall panels for monumental buildings to industrial plants, agricultural buildings, garages, warehouses and other utilitarian structures. With their broad color range, PPG coil coatings provide durable, colorfast protection to soffits, gutters, heating and air-conditioning ducts, trim coil and rainware due to their exceptional hardness and resistance to abrasion, chalking, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, moisture, corrosion and weather.

Duraform is a trademark and Durastar, Environ, Plasticron and Sunstorm are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

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