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Australian Company Introduces Metal Pecker Hand Tool

METALPECKER_2Melbourne, Australia. – Cutting penetrations in profiled metal roof and duct can be one of the most challenging tasks for HVAC and metal roofing contractors. It’s also dangerous, back-breaking work. It is with speed, safety and ease of operation in mind that Great Valley Tools Pty Ltd. Of Melbourne, Australia is manufacturing and marketing the new Metal Pecker metal cutting tool.

The Metal Pecker is designed to chew through under-folds, seams, overlaps or cut up and down the profile. It resembles a bolt cutter with its full-length handles but the key to its cutting ability is the patented slot-shear design of its cutting head. The cutter blade shears the metal between the anvils and pushes out a 1.7” x 0.24” metal slug with each cutting stroke. It leaves no shavings to rust and there is no sharp blade face to blunt.

The Metal Pecker made its U.S. debut at the METALCON 2014 Trade Show and Conference in Denver, CO in October. To learn more about the product visit

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