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Varco Pruden Launches Utility Built™ Micro-Building Product Offering

Varco Pruden's new Utility Built™ product offering includes a variety of small buildings, including designs like the ones shown above and below.

Memphis, TN - Varco Pruden Buildings, one of the nation’s largest building-solutions companies, announces the latest addition to its extensive line of steel building products. In conjunction with Parkline, Inc., Varco Pruden is launching Utility Built™, a new product designed specifically for the micro-building market.

Utility Built structures are typically small, multi-purpose, specialized enclosures developed to be cost-competitive and modular in construction, allowing simple installation.

Ideal for building applications including field and job site offices, emergency generator enclosures, instrument spaces and motor control stations, HVAC penthouses, pump houses, waste-water treatment spaces, solar electric stations and security guard houses, Utility Built structures have endless possibilities for use.

Made to order as complete building kits, each Utility Built structure includes several design and manufacturing advantages. The self-supporting structures feature durable panels, making them low-maintenance and long-lasting. The structures are available as gabled or single-sloped (stand-alone or as a lean-to addition) and offered in a selection of colors and options. Utility Built structures are manufactured to exact specifications, and can include additional features such as electrical equipment, gas valves, doors and windows.

The field assembly process is fast, simple and significantly lowers labor costs. With no cranes or heavy equipment required for quick erection and placement, and no pre-set anchor bolts needed, Utility Built buildings are easy to install.

“We believe these buildings enhance our offering and strengthen our position as a leader in the industry,” said Craig Edwards, director of marketing for Varco Pruden. “These multipurpose enclosures are cost-competitive and easy to install – making them the perfect solution for VP Builders™ looking for small, specialized structures. The addition of Utility Built to our product line provides VP Builders™ with more products and gives them a competitive advantage in their local markets."

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