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Alcoa Introduces Reynobond® NC Double-Sheet Panels

Reynobond-NC-illustration-newsNorcross, GA - Alcoa Architectural Products has announced the development of a new cladding product for facades with high technical, visual and environmental requirements. The company’s new Reynobond® NC is a coil-coated double sheet aluminum panel engineered to deliver the flatness and stiffness of traditional Reynobond aluminum composite material (ACM), with the dent resistance and recyclability of sheet metal. Reynobond NC double sheet panels are offered in large sheet sizes of up to 62" wide and 20' in length, facilitating the production of 60” modules. And when manufactured with one of Alcoa’s Colorweld® 500 paint finishes, Reynobond NC panels offer a 30-year warranty that is unmatched in the industry for 1/8” aluminum sheet material.

Reynobond NC double sheet panels are offered in Alcoa’s full range of cutting-edge, coil-coated paint finishes–including high-performing Colorweld 500 colors, trompe l’oeil Design Line patterns, PrismFX color-shifting finishes and CID/Retail program colors. Reynobond NC panels can be seamlessly matched to Reynobond ACM and Reynolux® panels—providing more opportunities for architects to deliver the desired aesthetic with fully integrated, high-performing materials and enabling fabricators to maintain the consistency of color and patterns specified throughout a project, from material to material and project to project.

Reynobond NC 3 mm (1/8”) double sheet panels are appropriate for outdoor applications on high-rise buildings, airports, stadiums, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and other high-traffic areas needing flat, stiff material to meet high wind and durability requirements. Composed of two coil coated 1.5 mm (1/16”) aluminum sheets bonded together using Alcoa’s aluminum bonding technology, Reynobond NC panels meet ASTM C393 for Stiffness (EI) and ASTM D5420 for Dent Resistance. The fully recyclable material can be radiused, welded and fabricated into cassettes using rout-and-return or folding techniques. It can be easily and finely bent or milled with sharp edges and thin angles, and are ideal for enhanced stability and use in large cassette and panel applications.

Reynobond NC panels can be installed using screws, rivets or hidden fixation systems favored for sheet materials or installed in the same installation systems used for Reynobond ACM, providing the ability to mix products to create an even more cost-effective solution for the entire building envelope.

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