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New Triangle Fastener Video Explains VRT® Technology

Pittsburgh, PA – Triangle Fastener Corporation has announced the launch of a new product video showcasing VRT® Technology, TFC’s patented screw thread design that increases the back-out resistance of screws used in thin metal connections.

Click video to play. Internet connection speed may effect loading time. If there is trouble loading the video, click here.

Testing of screws with VRT® Technology shows them to have more than 3-1/2 times the back-out resistance of some ordinary screws, reducing the chance for leaks caused by screws that loosen due to vibration or expansion and contraction. The video can be viewed above or on TFC’s YouTube channel.

About Triangle Fastener Corporation


Triangle Fastener Corporation provides a full line of standard and specialty fasteners, sealants, flashings, and tools for metal building, metal roofing, low slope roofing, steel decking, steel framing, and miscellaneous cladding materials.  TFC has 24 locations. It provides technical assistance and offers an inventory management program. For more information, contact TFC at 800-486-1832 or visit www.trianglefastener.com.

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