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Niles Expanded Metals & Plastics Acquires MetalSpand Inc.

Niles, OH – Niles Expanded Metals & Plastics has announced the acquisition of a second expanded metal manufacturing center at MetalSpand in Waurika, Oklahoma. Niles gained operational control of MetalSpand, Inc. on October 27, 2014. The new location will be operating as MetalSpand by Niles.

The purchase of MetalSpand allows Niles to grow into the central United States and gulf coast regions, where MetalSpand has operated since 1970. Bill Phillips, Jr., President of Niles Expanded Metals & Plastics, says, “This is a great fit for Niles, as we have always considered an expansion into these territories that are key to the expanded metal market positioning and distribution.”

Additional services and products are currently being integrated into the MetalSpand by Niles daily operations. For instance, re-tooling is underway to increase the efficiency and product output of carbon steel expanded metals and gratings. Plus, aluminum and stainless steel expanded metals are now available for immediate shipment. These basic production upgrades allow the company to better serve customers while offering them a wider range of products.

“MetalSpand has a solid customer base and we appreciate their loyalty,” says Phillips, Jr. “We are counting on the MetalSpand team as we grow to help with all our customers’ expanded needs and more. We will work relentlessly to ensure the success of our newly acquired expanded metal manufacturing company.”

Niles Fence & Security Products will also come to the Waurika location, further enhancing the range of products being offered. Niles Fence manufactures and distributes expanded metal fence systems, security cages, security mesh and all the accessories that make them work. Stacey Hoover, General Manager at Niles Fence, will utilize her experience and expertise by extending her General Manager role to security fencing systems at MetalSpand by Niles.

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