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Dlubak Powder Coating & Design Introduces New Imaging Process

Aeropostale-Store-DisplayKittanning, PA – Dlubak Powder Coating & Design has announced the development of ASTRAL™, a unique process for producing custom digital images, graphics and natural finishes on powder coated metals, glass and other substrates. The process is suitable for both interior and exterior applications; offering the same durability as standard powder coating.

The highly durable ASTRAL™ finish is not simply a surface application. The image is imbedded through the entire thickness of the powder coating. There is no film or laminate to chip and peel nor unsightly corner seams, our single or double sided graphics continue around the edges and even sharp corners. The ASTRAL™ finish is resistant to abrasion, humidity, corrosion, light, and is non-combustible.

ASTRAL™ is environmentally friendly utilizing recyclable substrates, transfer medium and water based inks. Powder coatings by nature are environment-friendly, emitting zero or near net zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).

More information about ATRAL™ is available at

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