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Testing Shows That New CondenStop® CCM Composition Improves The Ability To Address Corrosion In Metal Roofing

CondenStop-Fraunhofer-test-reportThe Netherlands - New testing verifies that recent changes to the composition of CondenStop® CCM membrane has further improved the product’s effectiveness in controlling condensation and reducing the potential effects of corrosion in metal roofing applications. Fraunhofer IBP of Stuttgart, Germany, conducted the testing on CondenStop® CCM (CCM stands for condensation control membrane), which is produced by Lantor BV.

CondenStop® CCM is a nonwoven based membrane with microspheres, applied to the underside of metal roof panels at the point of manufacture to prevent condensation dripping and keep building contents dry. It is most often used in non-insulated metal buildings and roof systems. The Fraunhofer IBP testing verifies CondenStop® CCM’s effectiveness which was found to outperform competitive products by 20%.

Test measurements were taken on four different roof pitches - flat, 2:12, 7:12 and 12:12. Regardless of the steepness of the roof slope, CondenStop® CCM demonstrated better absorption than a variety of generic needle fleece fabrics.

Click here to view a summary of the Fraunhofer IBP test findings.

How CondenStop® Works

CondenStop® CCM uses layered synthetic non-woven fleece with unique Thermoplastic Microspheres. The fibers are soaked and during the curing process they expand to create high-density fiber. The very large internal surface (up to 60 SF per SF of fleece) and the distribution of large and small pores create the critical characteristics for the effective prevention of sweating and dripping of metal roofs. When condensation occurs, the CondenStop® CCM fleece absorbs, stores and re-releases significant quantities of condensed moisture.

About Lantor CondenStop Advanced®

CondenStop logoCondenStop® CCM is designed to control in single skin and open metal roof systems. For more information, visit

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