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AceClamp®/PMC Industries Introduces New Fastening Systems For Solar

Plainville, CT – At the recently concluded International Roofing Expo in New Orleans, LA, AceClamp/PMC Industries introduced the AceClamp Wind Clamp and the AceClamp Wire Management Clip, two new fastening solutions for solar standing seam metal roof applications.

The AceClamp Wind Clamp for standing seam metal roofs has a patented, slide-pin design that prevents the clamp from loosening or backing out under strong seismic vibrations or wind conditions up to 150mph. The clamp’s push-pin design will not chip, mar or twist into a roof’s metal surface. Manufactured in a common roofing industry size, and with no assembly required, the AceClamp Wind Clamp, according to the company, provides a low overall installment cost.

The AceClamp Wire Management Clip organizes solar wiring with no tools required. Its smooth rolled edge, “quick fit” slide-in design and one-hand spring release make wire management easy, without chafing or cutting into wires. With the AceClamp solution, installers need only one clip for ground wire assembly. The clip is easily accessible if more wires need to be added. The AceClamp Wire Management Clip also comes with a proprietary “T-slot” design making installations quick and easy.

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