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Durapaint Industries Joins PPG Certified Applicator Program® Group

PPG-CAP-logoPittsburgh, PA - PPG Industries’ (NYSE:PPG) building products-exterior coatings group announces that Durapaint Industries Limited, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, has been accredited as a member of the PPG CAP Certified Applicator Program® (PPG/CAP) group.

Durapaint Industries is now part of a select network of commercial coating applicators certified by PPG to apply high-performance Duranar® fluoropolymer coatings to aluminum architectural components.

“We are proud to become a PPG CAP Certified Applicator Program member,” said Elio Zarlenga, president, Durapaint Industries. “This certification emphasizes our commitment to our customers and increases our ability to deliver high-quality products, service and expertise.”

Brian Knapp, PPG director, coil and building products, said PPG is equally pleased to welcome Durapaint Industries to the PPG/CAP group. “One reason we enjoy working with Durapaint Industries is their dedication to continually reinvesting in their products, people and processes. We look forward to working with them as certified applicators to ensure that they remain on the cutting-edge of coatings products and technologies.”

To qualify for PPG/CAP group membership, applicators undergo a rigorous audit encompassing all aspects of the coating process, from cleaning and pretreating metal substrates to application of the coating. The audit specifies paint application parameters and cure schedules, as well as how finished products are handled, packed and shipped.

Knapp said PPG/CAP group membership enhances coatings applicators’ ability to meet building industry demands for value-added products and solutions. The program offers architects, general contractors, glazing contractors and other customers high levels of quality, reliability and performance, he added.

Working with a PPG-certified applicator helps ensure enhanced color harmony among coated aluminum architectural components on a building. PPG/CAP program guidelines establish protocols to minimize color variance across coated aluminum building components, such as:

• A digital global database of colors that are stored numerically;

• A uniform, systems-oriented approach to matching colors and making paint; and

• PPG’s color and coatings knowledge, experience and resources, especially regarding metallic color production.

PPG-certified applicators provide regional sourcing of aluminum-coated components, well-trained people, fast-track service to meet tight construction deadlines and advanced technology. To learn more about the PPG CAP Certified Applicator Program group, visit www.ppgideascapes.com or call 1-888-PPG-IDEA.

PPG CAP Certified Applicator Program and design is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

About Durapaint Industries Limited

Durapaint Industries Limited has been supplying coated products for buildings around the world since 1987. The company’s 110,000-square-foot plant houses two state-of-the-art paint lines designed to process extrusions, panels and various other prefabricated aluminum products. Durapaint Industries applies specially formulated coatings that provide long-lasting beauty, durability, color integrity and film flexibility together with special patented primers for maximum corrosion protection and extended film integrity. To learn more, visit www.durapaint.net.

About PPG

ppg-logoPPG offers coatings used on metal construction products. For more information, visit www.ppgmetalcoatings.com .

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