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PPG Offers 12-Page Color Card For Envirocron®, Enviracryl® Powder Coatings

PPG-powder-coatings-color-cardPittsburgh, PA - PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) has published “Preferred Powders by PPG,” a 12-page color card that features 199 readily-available, in-demand colors for Envirocron® and Enviracryl® powder coatings.

The brochure is organized by five standard resin chemistry formulations...epoxy-, polyester-, polyester/epoxy-hybrid-, polyester/urethane- and acrylic-based coatings...and, for the first time, highlights specialty finishes such as transparent, starlight, cracked ice, texture, crinkle and military options.

Brian Smith, marketing manager, PPG Truefinish® industrial coatings group, said the expanded card enables PPG customers to select from a broader range of colors and specialty finishes than ever before. “As a result of recent acquisitions, PPG has fortified its traditionally strong portfolio of solid, transparent and metallic powder coatings with a variety of finishes that are increasingly in demand among our customers,” he explained. “Whether you operate a small job-shop coater or select finishes for a large OEM (original equipment manufacturer), PPG offers dozens of off-the-shelf or readily-available quick-ship solutions to meet your design and production demands.”

Envirocron and Enviracryl powder coatings are used by manufacturers around the world to protect and beautify architectural products, appliances, automotive parts and accessories, consumer electronics, furniture, heavy-duty equipment and industrial and recreational vehicles such as railcars, buses, trailers, motorcycles and bicycles. Other general-use applications include plumbing fixtures, faucets, metal and outdoor furniture, fitness equipment, racks, bins, and displays.

Envirocron and Enviracryl powder coatings are favored by many OEMs and coatings applicators because they emit virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during manufacture and application, which enables them to meet stringent environmental standards. Powder coatings also provide hard, durable and colorful finishes that stand up well to everyday use.

As a leading global coatings manufacturer, PPG offers a comprehensive array of electrocoat (e-coat), pretreatment, liquid and powder products for metal finishing to manufacturers in numerous industries. In addition to providing a broad range of industrial coatings and a full spectrum of color choices, PPG backs its products with technical expertise delivered through an international customer support network. With 50 years of experience in industrial coatings, PPG has developed the expertise to solve the world’s toughest coatings challenges.

To download the “Preferred Powders by PPG” color card visit, or call 1-888-774-2001 to request a hard copy.

Enviracryl, Envirocron and PPG TrueFinish are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

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